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Deal with a client for reviews?

Hello Fiverr community.
I am new on fiverr. i am professional web developer.
I have a question to you.
Can we get paid reviews on fiverr??
Does fiverr alow us?That we deal with a client for reviews.


Why do you to trick people into buying a service or product based on FAKE information. It’s just not a nice thing to do.

Anyone who admits to paying for reviews is someone I don’t want to do business with.

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How is it possible that this has been posted twice in 48 hours? I am having a hard time believing that 2 unique people have independently decided to ask this question in earnest on the forums.


I’m just asking with fiverr community. because i am new on fiverr.So i don’t want to be deceived.

this is not a very good job, its better if you avoid this matter

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Okay thanks you ,

Why have people liked the op’s post? The op is asking if it is okay to deceive people.

The fact the op is new to Fiverr has nothing to do with it. It is a question of good business practice and morals. Nothing more.

That’s not a right thing.