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Dealing with a difficult buyer. Any advice?

I received a sizable order for a promo video the other day. The script was slightly unclear so I tried to ask my buyer some questions but he just told me that I should complete the the entire assignment and then we can talk about revisions later. The problem is that I am getting paid very very little per hour to work on this project, so I don’t want to have to wing it. There were also things I needed to complete the video, like certain files, which he would not give me. I delivered what I could and told him the questions I had and that I would complete the project once I had everything I needed. He rejected the order and told me that what I had done is unprofessional. I feel reluctant to work with him again since he does not communicate. Plus I’ve already put so many hours in for so little compensation. I feel like I’m gonna spend my whole life revising this video lol.
Is there any way to get out of this and still get the money which I do deserve since I put like 12 hours in?
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

I would have canceled for being unreasonably uncommunicative in the first place. OK, so that’s not really an option here. I think you should probably see if they’re already using the video (and just want a freebie) and contact Customer Support. You delivered what they asked for, and now they’re going back on their original “let’s take it from your delivery” statement.

In future, just tell them that unless they can provide clear details etc. before you start work, you’re going to have to cancel the order. Sure, you might lose the customer and $, but you also don’t have to deal with this kind of stressful shit…

Hope it works out for you!

I would cancel it and chalk it up to a learning experience. You can’t win here.
Next time cancel as soon as you realize the buyer is not reasonable. You can save yourself a lot of time that was wasted.

Yes it hurts to give back money but sometimes you have to.

As Emmaki and Miss Crystal have suggested, just cancel this now. It looks like you have hooked an impossible to please buyer and from my perspective, the longer you spend on this the higher chance of a negative review.

Thank you for your input. So do you think there is any chance of contacting customer service and still getting the money?

You can always try! Just document everything and use TOS in your favor. They may tell you to “work it out” with the buyer in which case it’s time to cancel and make a mental note never to accept a buyer like this ever again. Happens to us all… hopefully only once!

Thank you! I actually decided just to cancel it. Less of a hassle that way, plus it’s not like it was a ton of money so no point crying over it.