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Dealing with a manipulator

I haven’t been here that long, but I have noticed a common theme. Some sellers have been conned (for want of a better word) into giving information, samples or various other items to so called buyers out to rip them off. This is were I put my therapist hat on.
Remember that a manipulator needs you to get into a two way conversation with them, so they can build rapport with you. They know that you want to be seen as the nice guy/girl, and they use that against you. It’s very easy to turn the tables on them and put the ball firmly back into their court. If you are feeling uncomfortable with how things are going and they are asking for something you don’t want to give say this.
“How am I supposed to do that, it’s against Fiverr policy” Now you have put the onus on them to check Fiverr policy on the matter…it’s not going to happen, and you have politely sent a manipulator on their way. If for any reason they do come back, repeat the sentence. Do not get into another conversation with them because that’s exactly what they want.
Hope it helps.


Thanks for this. I’ve had a few enquiries that have been awkward and made me feel suspicious. I have never been caught out, but people can be very crafty; as you say they try to appeal to your better nature, flatter , beg, do anything too get their way and it can be hard to resist!

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I have had two of these in the last few days. Their timestamp did not match the country their profile said they were from and I did not like how they interacted, so I said, “I can not help you.” Then I blocked them on my mobile app. I hope they stay away. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Today, a person ordered a gig from me and wrote in the requirements " what do you need i will do it"
Ordering a gig and asking me what do I want to be done. Not responding to my messages, time is ticking, waiting for a mutual cancellation if it will happen. Also contacted CS.

I never saw anything like this, that a person messages me, orders a gig and then offers the same service to me, asking me what I need . Don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Trying to sabotage my gig I guess.


Was it someone who has just joined Fiverr. Maybe they think they are applying for a job instead of booking one. :thinking:


Vickie might well be right, judging from the many posts by sellers offering their service in the Buyer Request section.

Try to make sure to get it black on white from CS that even though the cancellation that might eventually happen, while being counted in your order completion rate, won’t lead to level demotion, there have been posts by a couple of sellers who got told to contact CS again shortly before the level evaluation date if a cancellation like that would lead to demotion.

But maybe they just didn’t understand your requirements and will respond sooner or later so you can explain to them what you need them to do. Good luck with that either way.

“put the ball firmly back into their court.” “Do not get into another conversation with them”

That. For the people actually trying to con you.

Language and communication use per se is a kind of manipulation in so far that most (there are people/theories arguing it’s all rather, even) of it does pursue a purpose, but while an interesting topic, it’s off-topic, Indy is talking about actual and non-mutually beneficial manipulation here, of course. :slight_smile:


What are the requirements? Maybe they don’t understand what they need to do to provide the requirements :slight_smile:
I’ve had those buyers. I ask for keywords and they don’t know how or what to provide.


My requirements are clear and simple. Provide details and documents of what needs to be done. It’s a translation gig. The person wrote this " sir what u need be done"

I explained it at least 2 times that i’m not looking for a service and that i’m in fact offering one. So i asked him again if he needs a translation, and if yes, he should provide documents that need to be translated. To my questions, he answered with “Yes”. And that’s all.
Some minutes later, another person sends me a message, something like this, Hi, do you need word i translate for you" - I blocked and reported immediately. I’m pretty sure that person would do the same, making an order and messing with me.
Will just wait if he will accept the dispute. CS said they will look into it but stated they can’t do anything about completion rates. Just gotta be careful in the future.

I never had a cancellation before, my completion rate is 96% percent now due to time extension of gigs I had to make. How much percent would it drop per cancellation?

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Yes, I thought about it at first, also I get more suspicious of the newly registered users from past experiences, my fault is not reporting it immediately but I didn’t expect a senseless order

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