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Dealing with a scam order RN, WHAT SOULD I DO?

Please help! I just got an order from a scammer, he canceled his order today and got his money back, I delivered his order on 28 February and he dropped a 5 star review and confirmed his delivery. and that’s issue number 1!

issue number 2 : He created a new fake fiverr account ( I found out when I compared the old one with his new one as I find the same person that has reviewed him just 5 min after hi bought my gig + I always tell my customers to contact me before buying, he did it twice the last time that he canceled his order and now! ) so I’m 100% sure that he’s now again to scam me!
Please what should I do about both issues, HEEELP!


Contact the CS and explain your situation

but they will take more than 24 hours to respond, and delivery time for this order is also 24h

They usualy don’t but even if they do you should contact them so they can cancel the order without it affecting your stats. Talk to them about the previous order too.

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thanks I did contact them, now I’m hoping for the best


Have you contacted the Fiverr CS?

Block and report them

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thanks I forgot about that ^^

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