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Dealing with a scammer/leech, what to do?


We are a graphics design company, a little bit new to Fiverr, and sadly, our first negative experience came around - a gig was ordered (logo design, 4 variations of the logo, 3 days delivery, total of $15). We delivered the order in due because the buyer did not provide feedback on our work. After 2 days, the buyer came and said he changed his mind about the logo completely and that he wants a totally different thing. Ok. We made a modification and delivered exactly what the buyer requested, and after another 2 days of not responding, he claims that he doesn’t like our work because it is not what he wanted (he knows a name for a font and has an abstract idea of what the font looks like, but the font doesn’t look like that at all IRL). We said okay and followed another set of precise instructions. We delivered the work in the same day, and the buyer responded the next day saying the same thing he said earlier, that this is not what he wanted, and repeated what he stated he wants before. We shown real life examples of what he wants and has explained to us (in very poor English). He did not respond for a day. We went to work again and made even more variations of the logo, and delivered them. He did not respond for 5 days afterwards. We put a total of 5 days work into the logo, delivering 24 (yes, you read correctly) different variations of the logos he wanted. Today he sent a message saying we cannot satisfy him and he wants a refund. We are a serious company with PhD graphics designers employed, and we have a policy to make a customer 100% satisfied with our work. What to do? I do not know if this person is just plain ignorant, or a scammer/leech, trying to get free stuff. Please tell me your experiences, if you have any, and offer guidance, since we are new on Fiverr, and we love it!

TLDR : buyer AFK for 10 days total, ignorant, rude and a possible scammer.


Reply to @genuineguidance: Wow, comparing a low-budget scammer to Hitler is pretty harsh!

I do understand what you’re getting at - “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”, but you have to keep in mind that ‘revolutions’ only work when there is a united front of people who commit to instigating/forcing change. That cannot happen on Fiverr, there are too many users who are; content with things the way they are; afraid to ‘rock the boat’; selling their own scams, etc…

As far as your self-proclaimed skills at getting timely and effective resolutions from Customer Service, that’s down to luck, mate. So far, so good, but don’t count your chickens before they’re all hatched. :slight_smile:


That may be true, but, when scammers come, get a logo, a blog post, a ebook cover, whatever, and then use blackmail to get it free, there should be some way for this guy to combat it. Cutting your losses is what certain European countries did when Hitler invaded them, they just laid down and gave up.

I have personally not had a problem with waiting days or hours for Fiverr to reply to concerns I have. Then again, could be because I am direct, clear and provide evidence if needed to get a problem solved.



If all that is true, it sounds like they were using you to get free work. I always offer to redo something a few times to make my buyer happy, but there has to be a limit.


Deliver the order, and do not send a refund. If they send a negative review, tell Customer Support what happened, and they will remove the review.


Wow, I can’t believe the lack of remorse of some people! For what it’s worth, I put you on my list of excellent sellers of logos and will order from you when I get the time to specify. :^o


Thank you all for the advice, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it!


I recommend reducing the number of revisions you offer. Unlimited revisions are just not worth your time and effort. If you offer a limited number of revisions (1, or 3, or whatever you find reasonable), you can point it out to buyers demanding more and refuse to work further. That way, even if they leave you bad feedback, you can honestly reply that they have demanded more work than you offer (or, in other words, they have demanded that you work for free).


I agree with @catwriter. Limit the amount of revisions you offer.

I also suggest that if you get a similar buyer in the future that you try to mutually cancel the order. If they don’t agree, deliver the order based on the initial instructions. I’m not sure if it’s changed, but the ‘rule’ used to be that as long as a seller delivered work according to what’s outlined in the gig description, Fiverr didn’t ‘allow’ refunds based on “personal taste”.

Regardless, don’t waste your time with unreasonable buyers. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Thank you! We offer up to 3 revisions, which seems completely reasonable, given that any person can decide if they like the work or not when we deliver the first draft, and also tell us exactly what they want fixed, but this one was just impossible to please, which may have been his point all along… We understand that Fiverr is all about ratings and feedback, so we tried providing as much revisions as possible for this gig, but some people are either impossible to satisfy or just plain cheats :confused: Thank you for your time and comments, you really helped!


Reply to @obsidian_promo: A giant thanks to @catwriter as well ^^


Reply to @itsyourthing: Totally agree! It sounds like @obsidian_promo went above and beyond with their buyer.

“Don’t waste your time with unreasonable buyers,” love it! So true. I greatly increased my revenues when I stopped catering to the time wasters who will never be satisfied and want to squeeze every drop of work out of you without paying the price.


You’re very welcome @obsidian_promo.

Yes, @vainpaper, over delivering is a good policy, but with this platform it just cant always be done - especially with creative gig that are too subjective. I’ve been on Fiverr long enough to realize that obsessing over ratings & feedback is absolutely not worth the time or aggravation. No matter what, there will always be some buyers who are ridiculous, ignorant or scammers, and even with flawless performance there’s no way to guarantee top ratings. Besides there are plenty of sellers whose work is sub-par that have excellent ratings and high-quality sellers with low ratings. High or low they make amazing sales or not. This place is the playground of the ‘fates’, so may as well focus on providing good work and let the game play out how it will. :slight_smile:


You went waaaaaay above and beyond. I’ve started being VERY specific about revisions. When I respond to the pre-gig contact I indicate I’ll correct typos, incorrect facts and move words and sentences around a bit to clarify meaning, but that if the client wants something totally different, it’s a new gig. I typically run into people who want substantially more words than I offer (250 word news release) and use “I’m not happy with what you did” to get more for free. I always end my pre-gig message to them reiterating what I offer and that if they want more, I’m not the person for them. So far (knock wood), I haven’t had any post-order drama since I fine tuned my approach. A lot of people don’t order from me after initial contact, but I consider that a blessing.

southsidetracie said: A lot of people don't order from me after initial contact, but I consider that a blessing.

Exactly. It is just not worth wasting the time.


My guess is this buyer most likely WILL use the logo(s) you provided and was looking for a way to get them free of charge! I have seen it done with people who have bought art or written copy - they will throw a fit saying it wasn’t up to their standards, and to cancel or get a bad rating from them (blackmail). Some Sellers fear this and cancel only to go to the offenders website/blog etc and find their work being USED.

I wouldn’t refund or cancel for this guy. I would keep his money, you worked HARD for it, and if he gives you a bad rating, get with Customer Support and plead your case with your evidence to have it removed. In the meantime, go see if this guy is using your work on his sites etc if he has them, and respond to negative feedback so others see your side of the story.


genuineguidance said: I wouldn't refund or cancel for this guy. I would keep his money, you worked HARD for it, and if he gives you a bad rating, get with Customer Support and plead your case with your evidence to have it removed.
I see what you're getting at, but there also comes a point where it is best to cut one's losses. It can take hours of direct communication with Fiverr CS to get an issue resolved, and overall it can take weeks. There's also a chance that the problem won't ever be fixed to the seller's satisfaction, even with CS involvement. The 'best' way to deal with scammers is down to the seller and the particular order.