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Dealing with a Seller who isn't qualified but demands payment

Hey everyone! I’ve been using Fiverr as both a seller and buyer for some time, and I’ve experienced a dilemma that I haven’t encountered before this week. I know this is a very long post, but I’d love to hear your feedback and recommendations about my scenario.

Recently, I posted a custom order request for someone to work on my website. It runs on a framework called Bubble. Essentially, editing the website requires a good bit of knowledge and experience of the Bubble framework to get things done properly.

I couldn’t find too many sellers who were available due to a high work volume, so I posted the custom request and a seller offered to do the work on my website. Initially, she wanted to charge $120, but she convinced me to pay $500 for a total rework of the UI/UX of the website. I was a bit hesitant due to the high budget, but I agreed as she insisted she would only take the $500. She listed out the things she was going to do to my site, along with very specific alterations I wanted to be done to the site.

After two delivery extensions that spanned nearly a month, the user made some changes that ultimately ruined my website, and she barely did any of the work that was a part of our agreement. Even after reaching out, she would claim that the work had been done when there was very little done on the site.

I contacted Fiverr support, provided evidence of my claims, and they refunded the money to my account. The seller, of course, was very unhappy and claimed that I was being “very unfair” for not providing any compensation for her work.

As stated before, she did none of the agreed work and broke a few pieces of my website to the point where I have to essentially restore a backup of my site and hire someone else to start over at the same point as when I made the custom request. (This ultimately makes me feel as though she didn’t actually have the experience or knowledge on how to do the work in the first place, but I’m not sure that is even relevant to the point of this post.)

With all of the information above, the seller is still adamant that she deserves some type of compensation for her work. I don’t think it’s fair to pay her for essentially wasting a month of my time and breaking my website, but what do you think? Does she deserve some type of compensation? I feel bad for not paying her since she did technically work on my application, but I’m just frustrated about the whole ordeal.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!


That’s like me hiring a plumber to fix a leaky pipe who causes more damage that I hire someone else to fix with the first plumber still demanding payment.

I think you state your case very well.

You owe her zip.


You’ve already been rewarded with the refund from CS. She took up your time, requested higher payment, needed multiple delivery extensions, did not fulfill her order obligations, and actually hindered your website instead of improving it.

Would you return compensation to an unqualified mechanic who ruined your vehicle but spent a lot of time incompetently trying to repair it?

I’d block her without hesitation.


Agreed, block her. I’d be mortified if I broke a client’s site - it’s one of the reasons I refuse to work in the backend of any ecomm stores, I’m scared I’ll muss something up. If I did screw up that bad, I certainly wouldn’t be looking for compensation.


I totally agree with you, and that was pretty much the analogy that I was thinking in my head when I justified filing a complaint with the support team. Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks for your reply. Your analogy certainly makes sense.

I do feel bad, but I also have a tendency to let my emotions drive my decisions. In the end, I do agree with your perspective. If she continues to ask for compensation, I’ll be a bit more blunt since everyone in the comments is adamant that she does not deserve compensation.

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No problem.

I’m sometimes embarrassed to call myself a Fiverr Seller because I know there are so many here who are under-qualified for whatever the reason.

Sorry you got stung by one of them.

I hope you still consider Fiverr as a source of help when needed.


First of all regarding jobs like the Bubble framework buyer should be more careful as it is tough to find proper qualified sellers

I don’t think if I was in her position if my buyer satisfied my work isn’t worth it…
cause end of the day feedback or good thoughts is a big part of designing or developing something:)

I placed a buyer request for my website and accepted an offer on 8 December of $120 for 6 days work. It is currently on site builder and the seller said she could do what I asked. The seller requested several extensions and has told me the work is now complete 9 Jan. The new website pages are not on my website and the seller says I must do this myself, I am worried what will happen if this does not work. I don’t wish to be unfair or unreasonable but I assumed if I was paying for a website design it would be all set up and ready to go. Can you please advise me on what I should do.

@moiragums1856 Your assumption is at fault here as unless you specified (and it was accounted for) the Seller builds the work and you post it on your site. If they send it over, you can test it before approving the job.
Generally, this is the better method unless you have 110% trust in your provider as once in they can do a lot of damage to your site (see the OP). Uploading is usually pretty simple and a fundamental of owning a site.

@stephenjosey : OMG! what a ninny that person is. I hate to call them a Seller as that is embarrassing.

TBH I have never heard of Bubble (but I am not knee-deep in IT) so assume finding qualified & experienced people for that may be hard. Still, if someone says they can, they should. Or at least ket you know they are out of their depth before they fubar the site.

From this report you owe them nothing but a Blocking.


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But why did she ask me for my website logon.

This I do not know. Esp seeing I only know what you posted.


I believe in no work no pay. For some moment I kept myself as a seller and imagine the situation. It feels very bad for me. I hope no one do this kind of thing to anyone.

Best thing in this story is that you get your money back. Happy ending :slightly_smiling_face:

If she did not move your website’s appearance in the direction you wanted, then no pay.