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Dealing with emotional clients

I have one fairly new client, a very nice, friendly and polite person who uses words like “don’t let me down”, “I want to trust you”, “we are going to work together for many years”, “we are at the beginning of our working relationship” etc. OH GOD! Shoot me now.

…all of it because I said I will be sending 4 articles tomorrow instead of 8 and will send the 4 that are left the next morning. Explained that I still have 10 articles to go from earlier orders, so wouldn’t be able to send all 8 tomorrow as earlier promised.

I need a real break from this freelancing thing…want to go away for 3-6 months and then come back.It is moments such as these that make me wonder why I bother. Anyway, off to sleep.

Oooh, I’d love to have a break. I had the weekend off, but it’s not enough. A fortnight somewhere with no work at all just lying on a beach sounds wonderful. Not here though, I need a clean break… bit of a pipe dream at the moment though.

As for your needy client, I don’t see the big deal, 4 today, 4 tomorrow… I’m also wary of “many projects in the future” talkers too. 99% of the time, it’s a load of bs. No comment on “don’t let me down”…

Maybe he was burned by other sellers and is a little nervous trusting new ones.

I don’t know what this is with Fiverr but somehow everyone wants their work delivered immediately without even paying extra.

I am finally taking a break and will be thinking of you guys .

I have gotten good at just ignoring such things from buyers. Many don’t know how to communicate well.

I think this stems from an idea that some buyers think that you will only be working for them from the time they place an order until it is delivered. If they realize that you are not, they feel hurt and/or have their ego brough down a peg and turn into Mr or Mrs “I’m going to get revenge for you not sharing my enthusiasm.”

I do my very best for my clients, even at the cost of my health, and it upsets me when they treat me like this.

Sounds more like emotional manipulation than nice, friendly and polite.

The buyer sounds like my friend who wanted to hire me in the past as her assistant in her company. I decided to not get the job from her. I had never betrayed nor cheated her in any ways, yet she was so paranoid. She was projecting her past experiences with other people and she thought I was the same like them. So I backed down nicely. I just cannot have a relationship with people who have trust issue because it is tiring.


I’ve just booted an emotional one. If there is one thing that grates me more than anything else, it’s people who decide that they can set your pricing for you: i.e:

"Hi there!

I am working on an article for Huffington post and I want to ensure it sounds ok. I would love any proofreading/editing and ‘sprucing’ it up a bit to make it sound better.

I am attaching the file here. I have about 400 words and just need to add a bit more to it (ideally should be at least 500 words, but under 1000)

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!"

  • So this buyer has ordered a $5 gig in which she expects me to rewrite/proof & edit 400 words and add anywhere between another 100 and 500. Also, the attached 400-word article read like a child had wrote it. In this case, yes, we’re talking about at least a 500-word piece here, one which at the very least I would usually charge $10 for. In this case, I respond by cancelling. This is because, from experience of buyers like this, they either get revenge for requests for more $$'s when it comes to review time and I simply don’t have time for the “I’ll decide what your time is worth attitude.”

Hence my response:


Sorry, my pricing is very clearly set at $5 per 300 words. I will not, in this case, be able to complete this order, given your requirement for at least 500. My advice would be to look for a seller who is happy to provide this amount of work for $5.

Kind Regards,


The buyers response:

“I think you misunderstood or perhaps I have. I already have 400 words done for the article. I simply wanted more added to make it sound complete. I already have most of it done.”

  • Ok, I take another look back at the article forwarded to me. In my opinion (and especially since the work is apparently destined for the Huffington Post) the piece definitely needs a full re-write. In fact, it’s not an article in any way shape or form at all.

In this case, I respond by saying:


With all due respect, you have 400 words which you would ideally like to turn into a 1000 word article with editing and sprucing up. This is not a $5 order. In this case, I would advise you to find another seller who can work within your budget.

Kind Regards,


And then this happens:


Andy I will gladly cancel the order. It is unlikely it would have been a good fit anyways. As I said before I was hoping to have an article about 500 words and considering I already had most of it done, I dont think it would have been too much to ask on your end.I would have gladly paid more if I see fit. I use fiverr all the time and gladly pay more.

I think you could have offered much more in terms of customer service.

And instead of pushing me away and cancelling the order you could have clarified and we could have come to an agreement. I think that was incredibly rude and unprofessional on your end.

  • So, before anyone starts saying I was too harsh, if this person buys on Fiverr all the time, I’m guessing that she’s just had the garbage she sent for me to rewrite done my a fellow seller who shall we say, was a bit lacking. This in itself is a red flag for me, as buyers who jump around sellers are usually:
  1. Resellers looking for the cheapest possible service

  2. Difficult to work with (hence why they don’t or can’t work with regular groups of sellers

& 3. Usually very rude and self-aggrandising.

In fact, by saying in their final reply, “I would have gladly paid more if I see fit” all this person did was bolster my relief at getting rid of them as quickly as I did.

The point in this case, is yes, (& this is meant @writer99025 especially) Fiverr can wear you down physically and emotionally. However, it doesn’t have to. The way I see it, the quality of the talent on Fiverr is only brought down by talented sellers themselves burning out under the weight of $5 emotional hand grenade like buyers and moral-less opportunists.

  • In fact, on a long enough timescale, Fiverr might very well fail due to the emotional burn out of the sellers it depends on.

The key in this case, is to treat emotional and self-righteous buyers like plague victims. No, don’t actually round them up and put them in a cave. Do try and avoid them, though. - Even if this means giving them a sharp boot up the behind when they try and saunter into your orders in queue uninvited.


We recently had someone who did this. We talked to them before the order was placed, after the order was placed and during revisions and they left us a 3.5 star review saying the work was wonderful, but we didn’t communicate enough. How much more communication do you need??? We’d literally be talking about our lives and the weather at this point.

I hate when you tell people to find another seller that can help that would fit their budget/project better and they get mad at you. A few hours ago we had a guy tell us he was offended because we told him that there were other engineers on the site that could probably help him out due to his budget. He freaked out on us and then came back hours later and messaged us to freak out again. Glad we dodged that bullet. He would’ve been a pain to work with.

True. One of my worst buyer experiences was when I kindly explained the work they desired would cost X amount of dollars, and I gave reasons why with a super chill, super friendly tone… At the end, I mentioned and there are many other sellers that might be a better fit for their budget – I even went so far as to link 2 other seller profiles in their price range that included the add-ons they needed…
…30 minutes later I proceeded to get a 5.00 order from this person saying ‘well i have a 5.00 budget to give you a bad review, so i need a voiceover that says the ABC’s in a calm and pleasant voice, please and thank you’.
CS thankfully cancelled the order from this emotional blackmailing idiot. BRUTAL.

I don’t understand some people. If you tell them it won’t work, why try to force it? Especially when there’s literally thousands of other sellers on this site. I would hate to deal with them in a face to face situation like retail. Can you imagine that scenario?