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Dealing with extremely picky customers


I’m having trouble with an order that was already completed a few weeks ago. I get a message today saying they want more changes to the drawing and if I can’t do it than they want a full refund. I don’t mind making changes, but the issue arises if they request a refund.

What are my rights as a seller?


If you’ve delivered what has been described in your gig, calmly explain to the buyer that you can’t make additional changes to the drawing except you’ll be charging them for additional revisions. As a result, they should not expect you to give a refund because you’ve delivered what was in the gig description.

Be professional about it all.


If order is delivered they can’t request a refund through Fiverr.


Make a quick reply with the following section of fiverr TOS.

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


Wouldn’t a bad review be worse than a cancellation?

Ths is a $300 order so it could really hurt


Not to me, I would rather have their money and a bad review as opposed to working for free. Plus you get a reputation for caving in. I fight tooth and nail, and frame the responses so that every time I respond that phrase about TOS is there. So that even if they go to CS, they see the TOS issue as well.


I’m having the similar issue recently.
My solution was first explain to buyer that you’d delivered what your gig described.

If they still want a refund, report to CS and let CS handle it since this is nothing wrong at your side. If they leave negative review you also should report to CS, they will settle it.

Just explained to CS as clear as you can.

Good Luck.


Yes, and another good strategy is to remain polite and professional, just responding with same thing repeatedly. Sometimes you get lucky and they get mad or curse at you and then you report them to CS for abuse, then CS responds to them with the “Don’t be as ass” message, telling them that they can be banned for further violations. Takes the wind right out of their sails.

And don’t forget to include the TOS quote in every response.


The thing is, even the worst buyers know that what they are asking for here is unreasonable. It would not happen in any offline business that an order would be accepted as is and then weeks later changes would be requested not for additional cash but by a threat of cancellation. Even an idiot knows that is unreasonable.

When they know they are being unreasonable, it is much more likely that they will compromise somewhere.
I suggest that you are careful with how you proceed though, if you appear to respond to threats well then these may never stop. I would suggest that you say something along the lines of

“This modification request after the order has already been completed will take X amount of time which should cost $Y. If you are sure this is how you want it and there won’t be any further changes, I will make an exception for you and do this at no charge as I value your custom.”

You are being firm but fair and ensuring that if they do come back again that there will be additional costs.

As for the bad review/cancellation situation, once you have over a hundred reviews, one bad review should not really hurt. With the new level system, a cancellation could potentially hurt you more - and you would not be paid too! Like Mike, I believe in getting paid and I don’t worry about negative reviews - I have a couple and they have not affected me in any way that I can see.


I currently have another order where I’ve spent over 30 hours and the customer won’t accept the order. This is their latest response after 2 weeks of work.

“Hello. I am sorry to say that this is simply not style we need. Maybe we can connect down the road, but for now, this does not work.
Thank you.”

They have been very hard to deal with and haven’t worked with me to finish the project. I would send messages and would have to wait days to receive an answer. There order is sitting in my que and they haven’t responded to my latest question.


If the work is complete, deliver it. If they request modifications, send them an offer provided that you don’t owe them endless revision based on the gig. If they refuse to buy them, report as abuse of revision system to CS, and quote the TOS.


That is absolutely true. The more reviews you get the more brave you can be as far as proving a point to someone.


I’ve delivered the order and they keep requesting for revision and not providing any information other than it’s not our style


Report to CS as abuse of revision system. Make sure to say Buyer is ABUSING the revision system. Quoting the TOS as I said earlier. You delivered, did your gig say “guaranteed to be in your style”?


Explain that a revision request requires them to state what they need changed.
Simply requesting revisions with “not our style” is nonsense and IMO it is an attempt to get you to cancel by a buyer who knows not to threaten things - just being a PITA is enough to get a lot of sellers to cancel.
If they continue after you tell them you need instructions then go to CS and explain the situation clearly but briefly.


This is an intimidation and against the ToS. I would contact CS and report this behavior.


Sorry not meant to hi-jack post. Today I facing similar issue with one of my buyer.

After I delivered his order and he said it was not his expectation and want a refund.
I then explained to him first I won’t work for FREE (took me more than 10hrs for the group portrait drawing).

Then I sent him fiverr TOS as above suggested then he said he will file a fraud claim and leave a bad review, he asked me will I pay $200 for a ‘cartoon’? LOL

A lot of my client paid me far more than $200 for my drawing, so by looking at his message we knew that he not respecting us.

I contacted CS and see what they can do.


Tell them the time window for changes is long gone and you did the work, it was completed and you do not give a refund after you complete an order.

I wouldn’t care if they left a bad review. I don’t allow myself to be blackmailed.


Great suggestion,I’ll use it next time when i have such issue.
Hopefully I won’t


Here’s the tips if facing a very bad client.

If you completed a work and they are unsatisfied and want a refund. (some of them do not care about fiverr TOS, they file a charge back from their credit card instead and rather leave fiverr platform.)

Actually fiverr will send seller 50% of the order revenues as a compensation for our time and work in the order. They will forward our case to their Financial Team.

Of course as this point it’s about you delivered the work as you described in your gig and did your very best but the buyer still unsatisfied.

13 AM

I do not know is this only limited to TRS but hope it’s not. Good Luck!