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Dealing with flaky people who leave messages

It is a bit disappointing. I’ve gotten multiple messages from people interested in my gig, but when they ask for a final offer with a price (I don’t think my gig is that unreasonable) they flake out and turn radio silent after I make my offer and send it to them. How do I deal with people like this? Is there something wrong with me? They practically beg me to make a custom offer and then run. I’m not understanding it and it is making me question why I’m even here if people are sending messages and then flake out like that.

I think these are the flirty people ,they just want to talk with girls…

It happens sometimes. People are just cheap.

Nah, it’s definitely not a you problem. Just ignore them and move on.


I did have one person like that. They were super creepy. I think fiverr banned them

Will definitely ignore and move on. If they want cheap services so badly, they should stop messaging individual sellers and just make a buyers request. They’ll get the right offer.


Hi,don’t worry it’s part and parcel of freelancer business.

Hello Lexie,

I had a look at your profile and I personally think that your gig pricing is really good. Because of your post, I initially assumed that you were probably underselling your services. And that’s what usually (not always) attracts such kinda customers.

I have heard a couple level 2 sellers say (on the forum) that they like to ask the customer for their budget. But I have my own doubts regarding this approach.

Also, if the customer doesn’t even try and negotiate the prices (after you’ve quoted yours) and just goes radio silent, it is better not to be dealing with them in the first place. (Good riddance!) This is because – these kinda customers usually turn out to be the ones who ask for a piece of the moon for $5 and end up relentlessly annoying you.

Customers who are worth dealing with are the ones who know the worth of your service, are impressed by your reviews, and are willing to offer you the price you demand.

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That happens a lot when you price accordingly. Some people come to Fiverr expecting everything to be $5 and get upset whenever they can’t afford quality work.

They are simply tire kickers. Every business that is open to the public has to deal with them. The best thing is to remain polite, establish quickly what they want and quote accordingly - using custom quick responses is very useful for this.

If they don’t then proceed to purchase or don’t respond to your specific questions you just move on or politely respond that you unfortunately can’t help them on this project. You remain professional while minimising your time spent on them.

This definitely isn’t about you, and is most certainly not just a Fiverr thing. I do freelance production here locally and have people flake from time to time. One reason is they find someone willing to cheap out and do the same work (with less experience and at lesser quality) for 1/5 the day rate.

It happens, but then the serious clients come along and pay the proper day rates.