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Dealing with mental Illness and managing gig work

I’m hoping that I’m posting in the right place for this! SO here’s a little bit of my back story, and I apologize in advance for such a long post!..I started my Fiverr account about a year ago, and things seemed to catch fire for me pretty quickly. I was ecstatic for this and felt my heart swelling with pride. Things went well for a while, and had even started building a loyal returning client base. It was around this time that my PTSD, depression, and anxiety seemed to hit me and caused me to have this huge melt down. This put me in a situation that prevented me from being able to do any sort of work without having a panic attack or just going into rain cloud mode. I took a few months off to recuperate and to gain control of my conditions, and get used to my new medications.

I’ve gained control again, and have returned back from my incident. As I prepare myself for that first order as a returning seller, I’m curious if any of you deal with any type of mental disorder like this, and have these moments when everything is overwhelming and nothing motivates or inspires you, or just experience any of the god awful symptoms that come with mental disorder really.

If you do in fact have a mental illness(please only share if you feel comfortable doing so) I wanted to ask you, What do you do in these moments? Do you have techniques to help you get through the daily grind, and may I ask what they are? Any tips on what gets you through the day as a seller in these moments are so greatly appreciated. Or even your own stories of going through similar situations and how you overcame them.

I want to prepare myself for these moments, and can take as much advice as you can possibly give. Thank you again for being opened to share with me. You all seem like incredibly intelligent people

Hello, I don’t have mental illness but just wanted to say that I am sympathetic to your struggles with it. A good friend recently passed away (from unrelated causes) while in a mental facility. He was the nicest guy in the world when on his meds and was loved by all who knew him. You have my best wishes.

Hi, a series of events - my father’s death, joblessness, etc. threw me into depression, but I have been able to come out of it with a relentless focus on work. Trust me, there is no better cure to depression, sadness or loneliness than work. Don’t focus on the money you make, just work…whether on Fiverr or anywhere else. I feel alive and look forward to each day because of my work on Fiverr, despite not having a family or any friends. All the best!

And have faith in God, no matter which religion you follow.

Hi, I work with people who suffer with mental health problems. And have met and helped several people like you. Have you tried seeing a therapist? It’s okay if you haven’t or if you aren’t comfortable in seeing one. Sometimes talking to a friend or someone who knows you very well will help. I want you to know that it is okay to feel that way and that as human as we are, we always have our weaknesses and downfalls. What’s not okay is choosing to stay that way or not doing anything about it. I am so glad you are seeking help and finding ways to try to get out of it. You can search autogenic training or autogenic exercises, these are some sort of relaxation therapy that therapists or psychiatrists give to their patients. But the basic idea is easy enough to teach to yourself, there are youtube videos and a lot of results in a google search that will help you out. :slight_smile:

It also helps that you focus your energy in things that you do like – that way your mind is busy and feels energized. Find what you like or find what you are passionate about and devote your time to this! In the event that these so called melt down incidents attack, remember that it is okay and it is fine to have these, but always remember to fight through it and get back again. Remember that you can always talk to your friends or anyone you trust – that will help too. :slight_smile:

It’s true that there are spirits who are watching out for us, whatever you choose to call them. You can reach out to them whenever you need to.

Yeh, there is a Higher Power taking care of us. You call that Power Spirits, I believe in Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapati (Hindu Gods). Muslims believe in Allah, Christians believe in God…they are all the same.

Ultimately God is your only friend. Everybody else is just temporary. Everything - money, wealth, house, etc. is temporary. Just keep your faith and do your duty, that’s all you can do.

Thank you so much for responding anyways. That was so kind of you, and I am truly sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart to hear that, and I hope you’ve been able to find some peace of mind and heart. I’m sending good energy your way and best wishes to you as well.

Thank you for responding. You have to see the illness in full force to realize how terrible it can be, the toll it takes.

Sounds like the Buddhist notion of impermanence. .

I can truly relate to some of these events, and I’m so grateful that you found a way to break free from those chains. I agree with you, just focusing on the work. I think that is something I should practice myself, and will do so. I don’t really have any family/friends either other than my partner. Best wishes to you my friend, if you ever feel depression and need to talk you always have a friend in me buddy.

I’m really grateful that you guys brought this conversation up. It definitely is a cornerstone, because that faith in something greater is a powerful shield to protect yourself from that negative energy. It’s one of those things that I feel like I lost in this hell storm I just got out of, because when I lost all of that hope and inspiration it was like my connections to those higher powers were cut. That was probably one of the hardest things about going through something like depression,ptsd, bi-polar, etc…When you have one of those mental battles it’s so easy to let go of the pieces that make you whole. I’m working hard to get that connection back, and as I gain a closer bond I do really feel myself gaining a little more control over negative thoughts.

you’re absolutely right you really do have to see it, even those that suffer from it do.My husbands brother just vanished back in September of last year without a word, and we looked everywhere for him. He was finally found around someones house in October. He had committed suicide. He suffered from a lot of the things that I do but just ignored them completely, and I think that’s really when I saw what it could do to me, and it was just shocking. It really helped kick me in gear and motivated me to truly want to get better.

Thank you for such a detailed and thought out response. It means a lot that you care so much to take a few minutes to help out like that. I’m still looking for that right therapist honestly. I’ve had bad experiences with them, and it really scares me to go to another. I have my doctor that helps tremendously, and my husband, but there’s only so much they can do. I’m getting ready to attempt at another go with one. I live in the south, and in a very small town where there aren’t a lot of options without having to pay a lot of money, so I’m stuck with the sliding scale system that basis price off of my income. I’m hoping and staying optimistic that this time it will truly work out. Autogenic Training or Autogenic Exercises are new to me, but I’m interested(already have it pulled up in my browsers). Definitely going to look into that!

No problem, all the best :slight_smile: Hope you have a great time here on Fiverr!

Regarding therapists, psychiatrists etc:
Trust your own instincts about them. It can be a matter of them only wanting to keep their appointment books full.

I just adore you so much. I’m a forum junkie on here, and you’re always so on point with your thoughts that I read. I completely agree with you. I was 16 when I had my first experience with a therapist, the woman that I went to just gave me these terrible vibes, and I just kind of pushed them to the side because at the time all I could really think about was being a normal teenager. So I went against my gut and the first couple of weeks she was nice, and I began thinking “hey I can trust this woman!”. I started opening up to her more, and telling her about being abused at home, and being tormented for being gay. After spilling my heart out to her, she turned right around and told my family everything that I said, and basically accused me of being a liar and mixing reality with fantasy. A couple of weeks later her and some of my family members set up an “intervention”(i guess that’s what you’d call it) to let me know that I was being sent to a group home. This damaged me so badly that I ended up attempting suicide and was put in a psychiatric hospital. After I had gotten out my therapist convinced my grandmother to me on juvenile probation. I ended up having to get emancipated to get away from all of it. So you are right, in some cases a therapist can make things far more worse for people. So going with your instinct is a must in these situations.

I’m so sorry to hear you got caught up in the system that punishes girls for being bad who are different somehow, or wont obey, or be quiet or in some way try to be themselves. You cannot trust a therapist, psychiatrist, social worker or anyone in these kinds of positions. There are some truly hideous people in this kind of work as it gives them a position of power over others. Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.