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Dealing with pushy buyers

Hello, I hope you’re all doing alright!

While normally a single pushy buyer doesn’t bother me, recently I’ve had a couple of recurrent buyers that won’t stop messaging me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with them asking gig related questions but having them constantly messaging me is becoming a bit distracting.

For a little more detail, one of them messaged me a couple of times a day for a week or two (before starting the gig), updating me in how soon they’ll be ready to order my gig. I’m not sure why they did this daily, I think they should just message me when they’re ready but anyways, it distracted me a little from some other projects because I was in constant alert to the notifications, wondering whether Fiverr would punish me if I didn’t reply to them on time (I know it’s only to the first message but I’m unsure what is the minimum window of time Fiverr considers a message to be a ‘first message’, if that makes sense).

The other one will order one of my gigs, and will do the same thing, message me things like: ‘Is there anything we can do to speed up the process?’, ‘how soon do you think we can have this?’, ‘how about this type of drawing, don’t you think you could do these in less time?’. These messages have been either daily or sometimes a couple of messages a day.

And like I said, neither of them are being rude, and they understand when I explain that usually I have a queue of work (within Fiverr or outside), or I explain how my drawing process is in order to get the results they see displayed in the gig, but I find this constant messaging is becoming distracting.

The most common response I’ve seen in other posts is to block the buyers, but I’ve been hesistant because both of them are polite and understanding of my responses, they’re just very pushy.

Has this happened to any of you, especially with clients that aren’t rude? Does it bother you? How do you deal with it when it becomes too much? Thanks in advance for any responses!


You only need to worry about the first message between you and your party, not the first message of each day or anything crazy like that. Simply ignore them when you are working on other projects and set aside some time to get back to them later.


Yeah, I think I’ll just do that :sweat_smile: what I meant by first message interval is that I know after a certain amount of time when they message me again that message is going to count as a ‘first message’, but I’m unsure of what that time window is. Thank you!

That’s not true. There can only be one “first” message. If they first sent you a message on June 2019 then later again on June 2020, the only message that counts as the “first” would be the one from 2019.


think so, you need to answer promptly 1st message only

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Hello laisvaccaro:
As previously stated, your Response Time is calculated only on the first message you receive, not from ongoing conversations, to my understanding. So if you receive a message at 12:00pm and you respond at 1:00pm, your Response Time is listed as “1 hour”. The only glitch in that system, which is computer-driven, I’m sure, is if the Buyer is in another part of the world, and their daytime is your nighttime. They could message you while you’re asleep. You reply to their message first thing after waking up, and your response time could be 8 hours later, due to the time difference. Fiverr does not make adjustments for this. My attitude is to respond as quickly as I can to the first message. Hope that helps.

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Right no client gets to monopolize your time. I wouldn’t have taken an order with this person. They know they are wasting your time. They don’t care. It’s entitlement and a power trip.

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Really? I was completely unaware of that, I thought it reset after some time, thanks for letting me know!

Yeah, I’ve noticed that as well, Fiverr should definitely take note of timezones. But thank you, it does help!

Yes, you are right. It is a common problem for any seller.