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Dealing With Pushy Clients

So I recently got an order from a client to write eighteen articles. Seventeen of them are 800-word articles (my standard package) while the other one is 2000 words long, which is about twice the number of words included in my premium package. I’ve already done one order for this client in the past and have essentially told this client that I would be willing to complete this order (obviously with an extended deadline than for my other packages). I’ve even suggested that they order the orders separately or maybe a few at a time, but they still want me to complete this mammoth of an order. What’s even more grating is that they keep pushing me to send them an offer as soon as possible, even though I’ve expressed my reluctance in committing to this order, but they still keep coming at me.

At this point, I’ve realized I’ve dug myself into a hole, but the only reason I’m bending backward and complying to these orders is to build my reputation on Fiverr and amass reviews until I graduate from my new seller status. But if these are the kind of clients I’ll be dealing with until then, I’m wondering if I’m doing the sensible thing by silently agreeing to these demands. Especially since I’m offering quality for low prices (again, in order to build clout with buyers).


It sounds like this buyer would be a pain in the neck to deal with further. I would block them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Someone like this buyer could give you a bad review in spite of you bending over backward. :zipper_mouth_face:


They could try to cancel after you’ve spent a lot of time doing 18 articles. It’s probably better not to do over a certain amount of articles per order. Also 18 articles in one order might make any revisions more complicated and you’d have to keep uploading all 18 with every revision, even if only some of them were revised.


Yikes! :astonished:

I’m not in your niche but I’m already burn-out reading that line. :weary:

Nope, remember the rule of thumb is "work smarter, not harder". :pineapple:

This is your business, do not let Buyers dictate how you should price your services or terms. What will end up happening is you’ll quickly :fire: BURN yourself out. Grab ahold of your wheel and switch things up. You could do 1 to 2 articles per order and no more. This Buyer is getting a steal of a deal 800-words article for $10. Maybe try $15. You could also increase the delivery time-frame. Utilize your FAQs section and description letting Buyers know… You do not accept bulk orders.

Here’s another thing… There will be Buyers who would treat you like a peasant. STOP them in their tracks and set the ground rules. Do Not tolerate this kind of behavior. You are to be treated like a human being and with R.E.S.P.E.C.T! If the Buyer cannot do that cut him loose ASAP. You said, you’re trying to build clout with Buyers. However, you gotta draw the line somewhere.


@nikavoice well said! :slightly_smiling_face: Furthermore, great advice! :sunglasses:


This order is huge and the client is definitely not a nice person. You make the rules. If it gets too hard for you then next time you can tell them that “Sorry, I don’t think that I am the right person for this project” To be honest I end up stressed and sleepless for such clients who push you to work hard and fast. If you don’t want to loose the client then try to ask them to be sensible.


Don’t give in. You’re not a robot. This buyer deserves to be blocked for their behaviour - and you deserve a :medal_sports: for being so patient.


One big order like that is easier to charge back. Nine orders will be harder to justify if they try to pull some funny stuff.


When you worked with them in the past were they decent to you? Is the amount of work what is putting you off or are they being otherwise offensive? If your gut says not to do it then just respectfully decline and offer for them to find another seller. If you decide to do it make sure you do not give any bulk discounts, triple the price on the 2,000 word article, and extend the delivery time to the maximum of 30 days.

When I do bulk orders it is only for previous clients who have made multiple orders and I make sure that they understand the time it will take will be extended. The reason I do not offer bulk discounts is that they are already saving money by not placing 20 multiple orders and having separate fees and I do not want to encourage them to place bulk orders in the future as it is more stressful than small orders.


I have worked with this seller once before and they generally had the same approach – constantly asking me to give them an offer and asking for approximate deadlines (that can be estimated just by glancing at my packages). I’ve only worked for a handful of buyers so far, but they have been the most difficult to work with since they seem more interested in simply getting an order out of me than a decent product. It might just be a difference between communication styles, but I don’t appreciate this forceful style of communication.

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Then do not work with them. :wink:


I understand the needs you’re expressing, but buyers like this are risky and bad for your mental health. You don’t need to do things like this to succeed here. He’s exploiting you.


Update: The buyer believes, because of Fiverr’s tax fee, they are entitled to six articles per package at the bare minimum. Essentially, they want me to write as many articles as possible. And they keep using phrases such as “you can” and continue to push for an offer. I’m trying to be as polite as possible, but am I at the point where I’m just tempted to leave a bad buyer review and blocking them.

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Cancel and block. These buyers are the worst and you gain nothing by working with them. Good for you for being polite despite the buyer’s pursuit of exploitation!


What! You are not required to make up for Fiverr’s service fees in your gig packages! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ahh, subliminal coercion! :angry: DO. NOT. FALL. FOR. IT!

I encourage you to block them! However, you cannot leave a review on any order that you cancel. Or, did you mean a bad review on their previous order? :thinking:

Edit: Did you make an offer that they accepted? I thought you were planning not to do that?

Please do. That way, your customer can not complain to CS about your demeanor.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


You have to get firm (tough) with them. If you can block them do so.

I have learned to be strict and firm and not put up with rudeness and nonsense here from any clients and it’s a life lesson that was necessary.

Tell them under no circumstances will you be forced to do more than your gig offers. Then revert to being almost overly polite and professional in your communications.


I encourage you to block them! However, you cannot leave a review on any order that you cancel. Or, did you mean a bad review on their previous order? :thinking:

Edit: Did you make an offer that they accepted? I thought you were planning not to do that?

Ah, I didn’t know that sellers could only review buyers after a package is delivered. That makes sense since buyers can only review sellers immediately after a transaction.

Initially, I told them I would be willing to do the order, but I was immediately hesitant and brought up other alternatives with this buyer. Thankfully, I didn’t make an offer. :sweat_smile: