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Dealing with Sample Requests


Hey guys. I have been here for 6 months now, I’m a level two seller and I have a few writing gigs. I keep getting perspective buyers requesting samples. However, I have noticed that when you give some samples they don’y come back. Who know’s maybe they used the sample! So, I have opted to not give out samples, any suggestion as how to deal with a situation like this?


I just show thumbs of previous work, if thats not enough I suggest the buyer buys a basic fiverr gig as a sample before placing a bigger order.


I do the same for translation Gigs - to prove my skill I will translate a news article of that day from a website, and send translation and link. Otherwise it’s too easy to get pressured into doing free work.


I send a few links of my published content.


I have a transcription gig and I tell them I can transcribe 30 seconds of their file. As for my voiceover gig, I usually send them a sample that I already have prepared. As a rule I try to do the least amount of work possible for no pay


Thanks a million. I have opted to use sample pics of the work, if they cant satisfy with that then i ask them to do the sample gig.

Thanks so much again. :slight_smile:


Reply to @chrissassyja: If you have a blog you can always direct them towards it for samples. I also sell articles through Fiverr and that is what I do when clients ask for samples. You can always create a free blog and place a few basic articles on it for them to check out. That eliminates the risk of the stealing your work. I am pretty confident that doesn’t violate Fiverr’s TOS…