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Dealing With The Stock Market Drop

I was worried for a second about how the current stock market scare would affect my business, but so far, all of the experts I am reading are saying that this drop is common, and will not really affect my investments, or really my business.

What do you all think? Especially you @Writer99025.

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Writer doesn’t come here any more.
What goes up must come down eventually. That’s why I decided not to buy stocks. When it goes up there will always be a correction at some point. The majority of Americans don’t own stocks.

Well, I use Betterment, so not exactly buying stocks myself, but close enough, I guess.

Also why doesn’t he come here anymore? He was pretty cool to listen to

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Over long periods of time, the market rises. The drops can actually be very beneficial to smart investors since a good market player wants to buy when they are low. Of course that means there can be losses with the poor picks, but for the most part business people are eventually going to sell high with the stocks they bought low. That means that some investors love a good market drop and will need business services as usual. :slight_smile:


He has a suspension until June. Maybe he’ll come back then.

I liked him too. His political comments would always make me worry we were heading into dangerous territory. But he had a good heart.