Dealing with the Unreasonable Never gets easier


Three months, no cancellations until today. I’ve worked with some buyers that are either ignorant but this was probably my first working for someone that was willfully unreasonable.

A buyer makes an order with me and I deliver it the next day only for him to come back after 3 days to tell me that he and his partner didn’t the quality of the content provided. Naturally, I ask him what he didn’t like but in return, he tells me that he doesn’t like the overall quality.

At this point I was scratching my head, going through the content I provided and after going through it multiple times I couldn’t find anything that might have been the cause. Turns out, the buyer had no idea what he was dealing with or what he wanted. He had no idea about how SEO works, about how Fiverr works, and quite frankly didn’t even have a single clue what kind of content would be successful for his product.

I try to explain it to the guy, like in-depth, after giving up on explaining I deliver the file again and ask him to highlight or at least point out what he doesn’t like. the buyer comes back today, making unreasonable requests that are incredibly vague and downright ludicrous. Even after I’ve tried explaining and asking for what changes the buyer wants he keeps asking for extremely vague stuff that makes no sense.

Naturally, at this point, I’m fed up like I just wanted to get this guy who’ literally knows less than John Snow off my back and I decide to cancel the order.

Here’s the real kicker, the buyer had no idea how Fiverr worked and thought that I canceled the order on him without giving him the choice. Needless to say, I tried to get the situation under control and this is the response I got

“I am sorry I am not going to look at it anymore, you refuse to listen to my valid concerns and cancelled the order on me. This is not how I do business, I have already contacted the customer service about this issue.”

Worst of all, he still hasn’t accepted the damn cancellation request so the timer’s still ticking. I’ve contacted support on my end to ask them to cancel the order but damn is this frustrating.

Any tips on how to deal with this would be vastly appreciated.


Sorry, there is nothing you can do. Buyers like this come to the table with a fixed minsdset that:


It doesn’t matter if they bought the wrong thing, don’t understand anything about what you offer etc. THEY PAID and it does not make sense to them how they can not now be happy with the outcome.

My advice would be to just move on and perhaps not cancel next time. Cancellation requests and problem buyers seem to be hitting peak levels at the moment, as do threats to complain to CS.

My personal view is that when situations like this arise, the worst thing they impact is your ability to get on with work for the majority of your more reasonable buyers. That’s the thing you really need to watch.


kudos to that, I’ve been so anxious since it happened I decided to take a nap. I only hope that CS cancels it with minimum damage to my gig ranking. It’s a bleeding pity to watch my 3-month record of no cancellations be broken by this shi*.


I hear you here…

I can only express my deepest sympathies and know that you are not alone. This month alone, I’ve had 8 cancellations. My worst month on Fiverr since starting in 2010.


What sucks the most is that the guy decided to get CS involved which has never gone anyway but badly for me.


The real danger here is that buyers who do this often twist things to make it sound like a mudrer has been committed.

People who have threatened to report me:

  • Have aggressively Implied that I have delivered copyright infringing work or have scammed them
  • Haven’t placed an order and threaten to complain because I have refused service on grounds of race/ethnicity/gender etc

Needless to say, none of the above is true. Where I refused service, it was because the buyer wanted something I simply do not offer and got my standard ‘unfortunately I can’t help’ reply. THEY then somehow took it upon themselves to interpret this as some kind of attack. In like regard, a recent buyer who accused me of delivering stolen work had absolutely no grounds whatsoever to imply this.

The thing is, you have to trust that the last remaining non-robot at CS, will actually pass a human eye over work and communications to see just how absurd accusations are.

It is simply terrifying having to live in the same world as people like this.


I can only hope someone at support see’s this and decided not to screw me over for this.

You can probably tell from the image alone how fed up I was with this guy.


See it sounds like your buyer is just being purposefully vague and manipulative. You were never going to win here and cut off the conversation in the exact same way I would. (Though I might not have canceled).

I’d still get down on your knees and pray, though. Ths and consider reading up on weapons grade narcissism and how to counter it.


I believe the CS can’t cancel if you have the cancellation request opened.

I asked them once what would my course of action be if the client is unreasonable but I want to avoid the “bad” non-mutual cancellation and they told me to close the dispute and they’ll review it on an individual basis and close it themselves.

Your guy’s behavior speaks for itself so good luck with the CS to him, I guess.


All right, I’ll withdraw the dispute and leave a message letting the buyer know CS will work it out.
I really don’t like the direction this is heading in.


“CS will work it out” solves 95% of my problems with these types. :slight_smile: Scares them off. The other 5% are like: “NO I’LL REPORT YOU FIRST” but what can you do. 5% is good, I’ll take it.


In my case, the reporting has already been done. Now all i can do is wait and see the damage.


Either way, you told your side of the story and from what I remember “I don’t like it” is not a valid feedback you can work with according to the fiverr’s TOS. So I think it’ll just get cancelled by CS and that’ll be it.

Good luck.


Its common these time. Even if you provide with quality contents, still some of the buyer do it. I hope it gets resolved without damaging your reputation.

Good Luck!


What I would wish to see in future is. If a buyer contacts cs and launches a dispute, cs should ask for all the details from the buyers side then contact the seller and try to resolve the issue. Just the same way pp does at times.


I don’t see that happening anytime soon. In fact, Fiverr seems to be moving toward a more automated system.


Thanks, I hope that’s the case.


Yes, exactly. One of the reasons the manual feedback removal is out, too. Everything that would require too much of an actual person’s interference to see who’s guilty of what.