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Dealing with the WORST BUYER right now!

The buyer came in and placed the order. Simple and done. I did the work and delivered it on time. Now, I provide unlimited revisions for my order BUT that unlimited revision does not cover everything. I have explained that in my gig’s description and highlighted it clearly stating for the things I do not cover in unlimited revisions.

Not even that, I have added a section on the “Order requirement page” about this information so a buyer can contact me and discuss it on time.

Now, after I delivered the order, he asked for some revisions that were covered by my unlimited revisions and some of them were not. I described the same thing to him that revisions covered by my “Unlimited revisions” will be done without a problem but changes that my “Unlimited revisions” do NOT cover will cost an extra. Clearly mentioned.

He told me that he didn’t read the description of my gig so he didn’t know that before placing the order and refused to add extra cost for the required changes.

After that, he started sending me cancellation request stating ridiculous claims that I didn’t do the work on time (I did deliver before time). I refused to accept any because that is clearly his fault. I have spent hours on the project and not only that, I am not going to be held accountable for his mistake.
After he sent me about multiple cancellation requests, I refused all of them.

He then asked for a revision, revision of a service that I do not provide. I have stated that as well. Now I am waiting for his response.

This is going to be an interesting experience for me :wink:

I hope you guys never go through it. :pray:

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Maybe this would be a good time to stop doing that?

Buyers really don’t expect unlimited revisions, it’s more of a turn-off than a selling point, and as you’ve discovered it can lead to sellers being taken advantage of. :frowning:


I understand where are you coming from.

Hear me out now, If a seller does not provide any revisions in the order, in fiverr system there is still a “Request revisions” button there for a buyer to press ask for changes. Now, if I claim, the CS would simply step out even though they know.
People asking for a thing in revisions that one’s service does not provide. After that spamming, the cancellation request will be a thing.


I know there is but you don’t have to give them for nothing, and I know they can keep pushing the button as often as they like.

Charge for revisions - set it up as a gig extra, otherwise you’re just going to get bullied exactly like this.


If you offer unlimited revisions, CS will say that you have to keep revising until the buyer is fully satisfied.


I was typing a response but then noticed you used a meme to get your point across. So I stopped typing my response.

But yeah, unlimited revisions are definitely not working in your favor.


I have also been told by CS in the past that I had to keep working with a horrible buyer until they were happy because I ended my delivery message “Please let me know if you have any questions” I don’t offer revisions. However, if a buyer hits the request modification button and has a reasonable request I am happy to make some changes.

But, you are really asking for trouble with unlimited revisions. 99% of the time it will be fine. But, during the 1% CS will not have your back.


How very dare you… :japanese_ogre:

In fairness, though, the meme is a bit rubbish. (Sorry OP.)

I’m guessing that you do not offer unlimited revisions on voice-overs as you are outsourcing these? There is nothing wrong with that. However, you might want to add voice-overs as an extra gig completely which people need to purchase. I have experimented with offering VOs on my video gigs but it just gets messy, precisely because of revision requests.

By adding separate VO gigs with NO FOC REVISIONS plastered everywhere, you might be able to avoid this problem.

As for your current order, CS will likely cancel it. They did the last time something similar happened with me. Also, this might be a good thing since you’ve got a 5-star rating.

I want to know the reason that the CS will use to cancel it. What exactly was your case?

I didn’t get a reason. I just got told the order was cancelled. - Like with a chargeback.

They just cancelled my order right now. This is totally absurd! Did you contacted CS?

No. I don’t bother. You just have to get on with it…

OMG CS is actually terrible at making such decisions and sellers are not safe. I am DONE.

Unlimited revisions seem to be a magnet for a certain type of buyers (not the good ones). On top of that, when some serious buyers see that a seller offers unlimited revisions, they pick someone else, for various reasons. Is that seller insecure? Is that seller so incompetent that they’ll need to revise over and over and over again, and will they ever be able to get it right? There are buyers who want a seller who’s confident that they’ll do it right, not someone who’ll waste their time with countless revisions.


Yes, and that can be forever. Make revisions forever. . . forever . .
Muahahahahaha . . . :scream: :scream_cat: :crazy_face:

I’ll never offer “unlimited revisions”, my work takes time and has a price, period!

In this case, I think it’s more your fault that the client’s, you cannot put the text “unlimited revisions” on the description and do not provide that service, you must replace “unlimited revisions” with “the changes may have additional charges” or something like that

Unlimited revisions is a marketing trick many sellers used to make their gigs more attractive. And now, when they have to deal with the promise, they are having a problem.
Unlimited this and unlimited that forces the price dump and puts a pressure on all of us to work for peanuts.
OP, revise your gig description and just accept that, at first place, you made a mistake that put you in a trouble. I made some catastrophic deals and promises before, had to deal with them, learned something from the experience and moved on. It’s frustrating but there is no other way.


And the buyer also saying “We Want More! . . We Want More!” while pressing the revision button. :scream: :scream_cat:

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I totally agree @md0000

While I would not offer unlimited revisions, the OP hasn’t done anything wrong here. They have ober 500 5-star reviews on the gig in question. They state clearly that they do offer unlimited revisions on animation work but not voice over work.

The problem at present is that as well as admitting that they haven’t read or care for the terms laid out in the sellers gig description, any buyer can request unlimited revisions from any seller anyway. Then even when work is delivered as per what is described in a gig, Fiverr will still cancel at the whim of a buyer.

CS canceling orders like this is extremely damaging. It lets buyers know they can cancel whenever they like and erodes the already flakey trust in Fiverr that sellers have.

With 500+ excellent reviews, it is clear that the OP had a strategy which was working for them. Despite knowing they would lose their 5-star rating, the OP was insistent that they would not cancel an order simply because a buyer wanted them to. This tells me that their past reviews have not been manipulated by canceling orders to avoid bad reviews. People like this are who should be supported by Fiverr. - Not kicked to the gutter because of the occasional opportunist buyer.