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Dealing with this Buyer

Hi, Some days ago a buyer contacted me and said she needs a video edited. It’s a simple task where you just have to cut the parts where I stumble and add some texts and she wanted it for $3. I was not getting orders those days so I accepted this thinking it would be a simple task. As I couldn’t make an offer for $3. She said me to make an offer for $5 and I will not pay for the 2nd video. I also accepted this thing(A huge mistake).
Then in order requirements, she sent the intro, outro, some links and said download the clips from these links and use in the video and if you can add some video and images relatable to the thing I am saying. If you can do colour grading that would be great. She wanted it in 5 hours now.
Her file was 20GB so it took a long time to upload like 6-7 hours but I kept her updated and at 3 am the file was downloaded.I
I was shocked that she wants all of this in only $2.5.
So, I started working on the video, I added the videos from the links, also added some texts, intro, outro but didn’t do any extra. edited it until 6 am and upload it which took 6 hours.
Then the next day she asked for a revision to add more texts, I did it. Then she asked for a revision to add a part you missed while cutting. I added it and sent it. Then se said she is not satisfied and you do not know your BASICS and this working relationship is not working and the transition is not smooth at 18:50 and 20:20… She also said that I am not asking for a favour, I am paying you.
I was so upset but in the reply, I apologized that she is not satisfied and said I am willing to give revisions until you are satisfied and it’s completely fine if you don’t want to work with me.
She said ok then send revised work but if this time you did not do the great ending, I will cancel the order.
So I made the transition smooth at both points and send it to her. Now she put the order again in revision saying that I didn’t meet up her expectations and I said all I had to do in this revision was to smooth the transition and I have done it. Her last message is I will be back soon.
Now, if she wants to cancel the order what should I do. The order is for only $5 but my cancellation rate has become 100% this week it will decline again.
What should I do?
Thanks for reading this whole passage of my foolishness


My order is already late and will it affrct on my stats as it is in revision and I don’t know what do change?

If you made your first delivery before the deadline, your order will not count as late when it is in revision.

If you have already provided all the revisions you offer for this buyer, you could send her a gig extra so she has to pay every time she requests a new revision. However, personally, I would cancel this order. It is not worth the stress to deal with a buyer like this over $5. It seems like she expects the world for $5, and I do not think she is ever going to be satisfied, no matter what you do.


She has used her 3 revisions and she has applied again for revision and did not even specified what she wants from me
She us paying only $2.5 for whole video, How will she pay for each revision separately. That’s very much I can expect from her.

Alternatively, if she does not want to accept paying for the revisions, you can simply refuse to do any more revisions and deliver the work you have already done as the final delivery. However, she will most likely try to cancel or leave you a bad review.

It depends on if you value the principle of standing your ground on this order and the money more (at the risk of a bad review) or if you simply want to end the order as soon as possible and avoid a bad review (with a hit to your order completion rate).

See this link on adding extra services on an ongoing order:,how%20many%20days%20to%20deliver.

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Thanks for your reply.
Now I will not give her any revision for free. I have to value my work even it cancels my order.

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The buyer replied one hour ago that cancel the order so I sent a ticket to customer support explaining them all the matter with screenshots attached.
But now she is saying that redeliver the project so I asked her don’t you want to cancel now?
She replied that you have wasted a lot of data
and I said No, I have not
What should I do now?
Will she give me a negative review now?

now she has opened a dispute that quality of work I received was poor and she is asking me to accept it.
What do I do???

You can accept her request to cancel and hurt your order completion rate, or you can deny her request which will most likely net you a negative review. It is up to you what you value most.

You can keep denying her request and hope CS takes your side, but it will most likely take them a long time to respond.

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What would you do in this situation?

Aaagghhh!!! Seems the buyer is ruining your days.

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I would take the cancellation as a negative review will hurt your profile more. Buyers do not see your cancellations when they look at your profile, but they do see your reviews.

Then you can hope that CS will take your side afterward, though it may be unlikely.


I have accepted her dispute
My order completion rate has been decreased to 91% but I am happy that at least I got rid of the stress and tension given by this buyer for 6 days.
It is a lesson for me to not accept $3 or $2.5 offers even if you have no orders for months.
Thank you for giving me advice


No problem. I am sorry that it happened to you.

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No worries. Life is meant to be facing negative people everywhere.

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