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Dealing with toxic buyer

a buyer placed an order a month ago and its been almost a month he is texting me every minute with revisions even after order completion i did revisions for just a week then i politely said i did revision for a week now after that charges will be applicable for further revisions but now he is making an issue of resolution i provide him 600 dpi print ready pdf file that is not blurr at all its clear that he is making an issue of resolution i think now he will contact CS and CS will cancel order even without talking to me about the situation he will get this money back and will use my work for free.
and i now CS will blindly support that buyer. i am fed up of this situation its been a month i am dealing with this toxic buyer what i am supposed to do now ???


Take screenshots of your conversation and open a ticket with CS. Also send screenshots of what was included in the order (as far as revisions go) to the buyer.

Hopefully you’re not offering unlimited revisions. If you are, you’re out of luck.


i offer unlimited revisions but not after order compeletion

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That’s not how it works. If you offer unlimited revisions, that means unlimited. Fiverr CS will likely not back you up on this. STOP OFFERING UNLIMITED REVISIONS :slight_smile:

I mean like, literally right now. Go to your gigs and change it from unlimited to 10 or whatever. This WILL continue to happen to you as long as you offer unlimited revisions. I promise.


CS is useless i know they will support that buyer

unlimited revisions, does not mean i will do revsions for my entire life

why is cs uselss if you’re offering unlimited revisions ?


I know it seems unreasonable, but I promise you that in Fiverr’s eyes, unlimited really does mean unlimited. The buyer may be inconsiderate, but that doesn’t change the fact that you offer unlimited revisions. Change it or this will continue to happen to you


Here is your biggest mistake.


unlimited revision is not a problem i provide him 800 dpi files for printing i can see these are clear enough for printing ad not blurr at all but him is saying these are blurr i think he is going to use by work for free he is just making an unnecessary issue

Ok so like I said, contact CS with screenshots.

And stop offering unlimited revisions. Every single week in the forums there is someone posting about how their buyer won’t leave them alone weeks or months after an order has been completed - these folks almost always offer unlimited revisions. I don’t even know why it’s an option to offer unlimited revisions on Fiverr. It’s a completely unrealistic business model.

Anyway, best of luck and hopefully fiverr backs you up, but they’re likely to take the buyer’s side on this one.


By the way, you can’t offer BOTH unlimited revisions AND “unlimited revisions for a week, then there are charges”. The unlimited revisions option doesn’t technically (according to Fiverr, not me) have an expiration date. Regardless whether or not that’s ethical, I’m just letting you know because it will come back to bite you again eventually.

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yea you are right i will not offer unlimited revisions after this experience but he is making unnecessary issue over resolution

Yeah, the buyer sounds annoying. Unfortunately fiverr is full of buyers like this and you have to protect yourself with the tools available to you.

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when we were working i sent him files several times but he did not have any issue with the resolution but after taking files without watermark now he is saying these are blurr its clear that he is making issue over resolution and thinking to ask refund and will use my work for free

Just to let you know, if you ever catch a buyer using your work after they’ve received a refund for it, you are legally within your rights to ask them to remove the work from wherever it is they’re using it. Fiverr will back you up on that too!

i dont think so …

No, you literally can haha. If they haven’t purchased the work, they LEGALLY cannot use it. It’s in the ToS.

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Don’t ever have unlimited revisions because there are people who will take advantage of you. Change this! I only give one revision, I screenshot the work done and send it to the client before I deliver. They must give me the OK, only then do I deliver and I then only do one revision and this is just for corrects, not changing anything.


some buyers dont care about TOS they just stole work and use for free how can i catch him using my work ??