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Dealing with users you don't trust or like

I recently posted about an issue I had with a quite rude buyer.

Since then I had another request from a user which I had bad feelings about. So we discussed the job, and he told me that he could get the job done for 40% of my quote from another seller, which I point blank know was a lie seeing as I am already very cheap.

So I decided to block him, because the last thing I want is him just ordering one of my gigs and leaving negative feedback out of some kind of crazy spite. He was a little bit too abrupt for me and I suspected things would not go well if I took his job on.

So I clicked his username and went to his page but because he was not a returning customer, there was no “block” option.

The only thing I could do was report his message but seeing as none of his messages were openly offensive, just curt, how can I stop him from ordering from me? The work he is requesting would be 10-20 hours of work, I really don’t want to do that and then have to give him a refund, and he has no feedback so I really want to avoid his custom.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I usually tell them “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel that I’m a good match for your needs/for this project”. Doesn’t always work (they sometimes order), but so far, it didn’t result in a bad rating, they just left after a while because they didn’t want to keep paying my prices.


Yeah I know I can do that, but he can still order a gig from me, and then give bad feedback out of spite. How do you block these people?

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Blocking seems to be buggy right now, but you can try blocking them from the app. Some sellers said that it worked great for them.

Or, you can try reporting the message, choose “Other” as the reason, and write something about this user demanding something that you don’t offer (a huge discount).


Is it OK to report the message and just say that you got a bad feeling about a buyer? How does Fiverr view that? I’m new to Fiverr really, but I still know that sometimes you can just tell after a few lines of dialogue that a buyer is going to request a refund even if you give them twice what they order.

New users pop up on Fiverr and ask for your work. Then they insist it is not what they wanted and demand a refund. You have no choice but to refund, this is a huge scam because they now have the work that you completed.


just tell him that you can not help him anymore


The Block function works 99% of the time via the iPhone app (Android too I assume?) - so if you have access to this, make that your first port of call as it will probably resolve your issue.

If not, we have been advised by Customer Support in the past to report buyers as a way of using the Block function when it’s not available. It’s worked, and we’ve had no negative repercussions… so if you have to, I’d say that method is pretty safe.


“The Truth Shall Set You Free”
Tell the buyer politely you can’t help them right now . And good luck with finding the right seller for your needs.
If they still order you can refer back to this comment that basically says you won’t work with them.


Tell him you’re busy



If you feel that things will go wrong, you could be honest and clear. To say “Thank you but due to personal reasons we will not co-operate. Please do not order from me. All the best with your business!” is probably much better than to live a drama afterwards.


i don’t think you are have to block any buyer just because you suppose things would not go well…:roll_eyes:

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Well when I had a gig from a rude buyer that turned difficult, everyone said “well you should have read the warning signs and refused the job” - I guess you just can’t win on this forum.

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True, but in many cases simply trusting your gut feeling is quite important.
For me the moment I feel something is off, I politely tell them goodbye and block them.
Did I lose the opportunity to make money? I guess. Did I also manage to avoid a very troublesome situation? I believe so. In the end it is your own decision, but when your spidey senses are tingling, I’d say listen to it. :spider::spider::spider_web:


It sometimes becomes apparent, like a big flashing red sign that says DANGER! that we should not work with someone. I politely say I am not the right seller for them and block them on the app.
I do not take that feeling lightly.

This is someone I would not work with either. I would tell him that’s fine, he should use the other seller.