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Dealt with any scammers as a seller?

I don’t want to automatically assume but when it says the buyer is from ************, its a big red light for me. So today I got a perfectly deep written english message regarding one of my gigs. Thing is, I can see the guy/girl is trying to get information without actually paying for the gig since the gig in question is “giving advice”. Obviously I explained that but the guy keeps messaging me with questions because I’m sure he wants FREE advice.

Any of you had questionable buyers?

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

Yes, I’m sure we all do at one time or another. You only have to answer them one time and can then stop without penalty. If they don’t stop, you could report them as Spam, and it block them.

People frequently try to get free work, and I would think with an advice type of gig it would be worse!
Lately, I’ve gotten several people trying to convince me to hire them for the same service I provide, too. Yikes.