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Dear all new FIVER mate

Never give up waiting and do nothing, maybe you skip the steps of FIVER TEAM which is very good and very measured to make a video tutorial HOW TO FIVER! thats insane. that is the first step you have to do.
I will give my experience. in the field I do is VISUAL ARCHITECTURE. I did a little research from those who already have hundreds of clients. I noticed what they were doing at the gigs. I compared it to many sellers who already have tens of hundreds of projects. then I find out what they haven’t provided, in other words I look for other uniqueness of my field. I am a lighting designer and I add service lighting design to it, this makes it unique from usual. indeed the niece is very small, but I don’t expect to get much, because it is evident that the client slowly comes and asks for himself.

So what I do is study FIVER GUIDE, then I look for what the other competitors haven’t presented, then I add that to it at the same price. then it makes a lot of sense. does become deeper into your work. but it is very useful.

but of all the WAYS or TRICKS that exist. the most important thing is praying to god because he is the one who guides the client to come to us. because in fact many are already very good in any way to attract impressions, but no clients have come yet. it really proves that God is the one who made the way for us. and I am a Moslem and I really believe in it and it is proven that it is.

keep up the spirit and keep on hope because that’s what makes us consistent. and do it with your heart, not just for profit. because it will present ourselves as is and the client really likes us who is what it is.

Keep spirit!


Thanks for sharing such wonderful motivational words, It, ll really help the numerous seller on this platform. Wishing you all the success ahead.


:clap::clap::clap: Awesome! Kudos on your niche marketing research!

We can’t stand out unless we:

A) Know what our competitors are doing
B) Know what buyers want that isn’t here.

And when you focus on a niche you get better at it than anyone else, which is even more incentive for people in that niche to hire you.


That is how I built my exceptionally successful main (off Fiverr) business.

Applies to any business. It works!


yess EXACTLY right…

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