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Dear buyer , i think you are confused


Not sure if is a rant , i just want to know your opinion about this guys .
The story starts like this , a buyer , not going to make any names , contacts us via message , he needed photos of a guy’s head form several angles , given that we had a model in the studio we sent him a picture of the guy via message to see if it fitted what he was looking for . Sees the pictures , really happy confirms that is eaxactly what he was looking for and accepts the custom offer , so we start the shoot straight away , really easy job , snapped the photos , edited , some photoshop work and then it’s delivery time , everything took like 15 minutes from ordering to delivery . It was at this point that the nightmare started , really i was going to smash the graphic tablet . Without going through the revisions he started to ask an enormous number of modifications and photoshopping work , saying that his partner didn’t like the model’s face and then the beard , and the shape of the ear basically we spent 2 hours editing and photoshopping otherwise he didn’ confirm the delivery . After all this we told him he had to do a different order if he wanted more modifications , and then he confirmed the order and left a 4 stars review , communication 5 , service 4 , buy again 3 . I’m not even angry , just i don’t understand , he basically saw the shots before buying , tell us what do you think !

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