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Dear Buyer, Sincerely, Seller

I’ve noticed some unfortunate posts, throughout these past couple of Holiday weeks. Sellers furious, Buyers feeling cheated. I See a lot of good responses from the community, laced with pile-on add-ons by others in the same situation. I’ll keep it brief, and I sincerely hope it will help all buyers, and in turn, sellers.

To all buyers out there, please consider some of the following:

  1. You’re hiring someone, so interview thoughtfully. Nowhere does it say you MUST order before speaking to a seller about the project. A lot of sellers encourage interaction outside of purchasing the gig.

  2. How often have you yourself been hired, and been told you’ve got a probationary period? Well, consider a $5.00 gig, or a low monetary value gig your FIRST purchase to get a sense and feel for the work ethic and capability of the seller.

  3. Remember that you have motives and a personality and you may need a seller who can reciprocate on those attributes to be synergistic for you and the seller. A laid back seller and a micro-managing buyer are only a recipe for chaos. There are MANY duplicate gigs out there, so the selection is in the buyer’s favor.

  4. Lastly, take your time. It’s not the sellers fault you have a commitment or a deadline that you promised to deliver on. Communicate urgency prior to buying a gig if it’s warranted. Shop around for someone with less items in their queue. Give a new guy a chance, you may be surprised.

And remember, behind the computer, we’re just people doing the best that we can.

Happy Holidays Fiver Buyers & Sellers.


Well said. Articulate, and very important points that buyers absolutely must keep in mind. Thank you for sharing!

>behind the computer, we’re just people doing the best that we can.

That’s the best quote for today. Merry Christmas from Tokyo, thank you for sharing,
and please enjoy your winter holiday! :smiley:

Yes ! I totally agree!

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: