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Dear buyer, what were you thinking?


So, I got a message from this person, a message as if we were in the middle of a conversation, referencing a video I’d sent her earlier. I had never talked to this buyer before but whatever, I thought, and read on. She wanted me to combine two videos into one. Links to both were attached. To their respective pages on Videohive. Like, the product pages, where you buy those templates. Where this is pretty damn hard to miss:

And this, one click away, is probably the right one:

This buyer’s offer?

So, let me ask you this, dear buyer: what are you thinking?[poll type=regular]

  • I think you design-y types can just magically summon whatever I want
  • I think you should buy the template, get the $17 license, nobody will ever know. You’ll ony lose 12 dollars!
  • I think you should do the right thing and purchase the proper license - you’ll only pay $46 for the privilege to work for me!
  • I think you should trawl through the web for hours and find a pirated version so I can sell stolen goods to my, like I said, hundreds of customers
  • I don’t think, generally.


This could be another way that a nasty buyer uses to fool a seller. I´m not saying the buyer is trying to scam you (although to me it clearly looks like it), but just be careful.


Whatever this was, after I made it clear that she wants to pay 5 dollars for something that will cost me $102 (two templates, actually!), I somehow suspect I won’t hear anything back.


Not worth the headache! :head_bandage:
Tell her to come back as soon as she saves enough coins. :moneybag:


Am I the only one who spied the response of others before responding? :smiley: I hope not.

About the “buyer,” I think you already know what to do.