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"Dear Buyers" - Business Not Pleasure


Hello Fiverr Buyers,

Everyone knows how much all buyers appreciate excellent sellers. This tip is simply to remind all buyers that sellers also appreciate excellent buyers.

There are some buyers who will use the inbox feature to ‘test’ sellers, similar to how friends simply throw a ‘Hello Dear’ or ‘Hi/Hey you’, with no details as it relates to what they need assistance with.

What’s worse, some buyers tend to load their keyboard guns with these bullets in early AM hours and fire them uncontrollably at sellers who they see with an ‘online status’.

Simply put, the reason you may not get favorable or immediate replies is because this approach is unprofessional/annoying so to speak, especially if one is to check the message (half-asleep) only to see a “Hi”. -> Get the point across, properly structure your messages with what you want, when you need it and/or relevant queries.

On Fiverr, professionalism isn’t a one way street and all of us need to remember, regardless of the availability of the platform 24/7, it is still, nonetheless, a place of business.

All the best.



Well said. If you are a buyer on Fiverr, the best thing that you can do is approach people in the same way you would like to be approached in your workplace.

My take on this would be that buyers also refrain from messaging sellers with requests such as “Hi, I’m interested in your work, could you take a look at my site to tell me how it needs improving etc?”

All these messages amount to is buyers asking sellers for free consultation services. In this case, respect other people’s time and end such a message with a note that you are willing to pay $5 if a seller can do this for you.

Also, always be clear and concise about what kind of work you are looking for. There’s nothing worse than a buyer who you simply can’t get a clear brief from.


Some buyers take forever to order, then when they order they provide too many instructions.

I had a guy who gave me all the details about his three products, where his company is located, etc. Then when I delivered he said it wasn’t what he wanted. Then I asked him for examples of what he wants, and he tells me. “Well, you’re the seller, you’re supposed to figure it out yourself.”

What a load of crap, I just refunded him. Come on buyers! Keep it simple! Do what you’re told!


@cyaxrex - Couldn’t agree more. Some persons even want the work done in extremely short deadlines but ram their feet on the brake whenever you mention that it comes at a different cost than the standard delivery. (expecting the sacrifice to flow from a one way street). On the flip side, when sellers are a little late delivering their work, it would be a shock how many actually ‘sacrifice’ some patience.

@fastcopywriter - The problem with those sellers - they don’t know what they want, but because they spent some money - expect you to know what they want; not even a mind reader can figure out what an indecisive person wants. Crazy. Ironically, one of Fiverr’s best features is that refund feature!


I reply to a message 1x24 hours and there is no problem for it.

Sellers need to understand the customer’s needs.
So there is no two-way communication miss


Very true.Buyers shouldn’t ask for free consultation or free samples. If I offer free samples, I’ll definitely put it on my gig description.


Very true, thanks @speedy876


Buyer’s also a human being.
They have also feelings,if they feel comfortable woth you they give good feedback.


I love my buyers. They orderly and professionally write what they want. It’s sickening when buyers chat with buyers as if they are on Facebook. I’ve had one who couldn’t communicate well and ended up wasting my precious time as I couldn’t even grab what he wanted for a long time.

You gave a strong and valid point, I wish all buyers heed.


Yes, you’re right.


Agreed. It will work much better when all messages are specific in what is needed and when they need it, rather than a Hi or Hello in a single message waiting for a reply.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see how some of those buyers actually prepare an application letter for a job.



There are indeed a lot of buyers who want to test sellers. To put the annoyance to an end I created a gig for test purposes. So I just reply friendly to their messages with a link to that gig and I’m done. No discussion with tire kickers anymore.


Funny! I had a buyer who wanted to negotiate the price and I denied friendly and asked him to reach out to another seller, as there are plenty on Fiverr who would do the job for the money he offered.

Half an hour later he came back and wanted me still for the job. I made him a custom offer and he started to negotiate again. I cancelled the offer and told him that I have enough orders from other sources. He agreed on the price and was fine with the fact that I couldn’t offer him a one day delivery. So he wanted me to send him the custom offer again and I did.

From that moment on het started to send me utterly disrespectful messages within the order and stated that I have to deliver within a day. I remembered him that the delivery in the order he agreed on said 5 days. However, I told him that I’m always faster and that there was no need to worry.

When he started insulting me, I just kept my cool and cancelled the order. He denied at first, then I created a ticket to CS and asked the security team to have a look at the messages, because he tried several times to contact me outside of Fiverr and I remembered him every time politely that this is against the ToS.

In the end he sent me a cancellation request and I agreed. The stupid thing was that in the same time he was making such a time wasting drama I could have done the order.

Next time when I have a bad feeling in my guts when a seller writes me I will let him know on the spot that I don’t work for him.


In particular situation, like here “” , I find testing sellers a good practice. Inbox is a communication tool and If a buyer feels a need to ask before purchase, then why not if it will prevent frustration on both sides?

I am both a seller and buyer and yes, I can only agree that these “hi” messages without pragmatic questions can be sometimes annoying, but - all of us have to do the job of customer care. Nice to place a tip here on Forum - but to be honest - how many buyers will check this thread before posting their “Hi”? : )

If you get a lot of these, create a quick reply template and use it to nurture the lead.


I complete agree with you


Correct. I serve buyers a compact, solid and clear intent of them.

Time is money and money is time


Hello i want to ask something. If someone inbox you asking to do this for their client. Do i have to ask him paid first or i ask him paid after i ffinish do that job?


It is against the rules of Fiverr to accept any payments outside of the Fiverr order structure. If someone sends you a message asking for your services, direct them to your Fiverr gig page. If they want you to work for them, they can place an order from your gig page.


No i never received that payment. That person just asking me if i can do the job. Okay now i understand. So that mean if we want to do design for them, the buyer need through the gig payments, after that i help them design. Okay thanks for your help.


@rozelia - As long as you need a seller to do a task for you, it comes at a price. This price should be paid before the seller begins any form of work and it must be paid through Fiverr’s platform; not outside of Fiverr.

Furthermore - The way in which the buyer addresses the seller is what is important. Sending a message in the middle of the night with only “Hi” or “Hello” is pretty much unprofessional, as if to say it’s a friend.

The more constructive approach would be to send a message with all the details of what you need and if they can provide a quote and turnaround time for such a service (If it is not self-explanatory from the gig page, or if you require something more complex).

Kind Regards,