Dear Buyers, How do you Find Sellers


Dear Buyers,

How do you find your buyers? Do you find them on social media? Do you find them through searching Fiverr? Please share. How to advertise is a big debate here, so knowing how buyers find us sellers would provide amazing insight.



Maybe most of them send requests and choose sellers with high reviews! So, newbie like me has ZERO value :confused:


So far, here are the methods I have used to find sellers:

  1. Search: I type in what I am looking for, and gigs come up.
    I look at the pictures first. If I like what I see in the pic, I look to see if what is written is in good English. If I like the pic, and the English is correct, I will look at the price. If the price is within the limit I want to spend, then I will click on it, and read the gig and information. If anything in the info turns me OFF, I go back to search and try again. If I find nothing that turns me OFF, and I believe that I could actually get a good product from the seller that I can use, I will order the gig.

  2. Request: If I can’t find what I need in search, I put out a request. When the offers come back, I pretty much do the same thing as I described in #1.

  3. Forum: I have ordered gigs from several people that I found in the forums. After reading their comments, I sometimes look at a seller’s page. If I see something I might want/need, I do the same thing as #1 above.

For the most part, these have all worked really well for me. I am a happy camper! :slight_smile:


Thank you! So invaluable!