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Dear buyers, Please read the description and check gig extras, before order a gig

Some buyers don’t read the description correctly. They ask for gig extras, without ordering them. Sometimes after the delivery, they ask for gig extras. If I refuse to do that, psychologically he doesn’t give me 5-star rating. It’s not a difficult thing to provide source file. But some extras need a lot of time. I can’t waste such a time for free.

We should understand each other. Buyers just need to honour the order. Just ask, what you have pay for. If your order doesn’t include modification, don’t ask for them.

Thank you.

French Shark [logo and graphic designer]

We have to set our gig up in a way that it is friendly for a first time buyer. That person who has never ordered on Fiverr before. Work on simplifying descriptions. If your gig extras are too confusing for a new person, offer a simple gig and custom quote everything else.

Reply to @landongrace: Absolutely right, Every seller need to write simple description to buyer for easy understanding. some sellers gig description is more confusing with first time buyer, thats the reason buyer and seller will be confused and buyer send negative or bad review with ratings.

That’s why I love “Offer More Extras,” as soon as that happens, I will use that feature and let the buyer know that if he wants the extra, he has to pay for it, or he can ask for a refund. Today one buyer paid the extra, another didn’t, but I made money from both orders, which is good.

It might also be helpful to clarify your gig titles. If your title is very, very clear about what a buyer can expect for $5, there will be less confusion and fewer incorrect orders. I know that’s not always possible, but there’s even, in my mind, a big difference between “I will design a logo for $5” and “I will design a small, simple logo for $5.” Obviously, since you know your industry better, you’d know which words to use to explain how much work you’ll do for $5, but you get the idea, maybe.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I referrred someone to the requirements for the gig, the original wording for the gig, the gig extras --all of which said that I don’t also release a PR without the gig add on, just write it and when I refused he gave me a 1 star. He even told me that I would only get a good rating if I gave him the gig extra for free. Some people just don’t care.

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