Dear buyers,plz consider the newbies too


hello, its about over a month that i m working as a free lancer as a graphic designer in fiverr…But its very challenging for the newbies to impress the buyers when we are not having much portfolio to show.Designing is an art and even a newbie though not much experienced can impress you by his/her art of designing…so its a request to all the buyers that…
Dear buyers,plz consider the newbies too…


It sure is challenging to get started on Fiverr, especially as a graphic designer as this is by far one of the most popular service offered on the site.

My main tip would be DON’T follow mainstream gigs, so for example: “I will create 5 logo designs for you”. Instead, make it more niche, for example: “I will create 5 real estate logos within 24 hours”. I have also said “24 hours” this means, to deliver within 24 hours, people LOVE fast delivery on gigs. It’s always great to start doing 1 day deliveries when starting out, you can adjust this later when your orders start coming in more regularly.


thnx for the suggestion…


Even the top Fiverr sellers had to start where you are. I know it can be frustrating, but you need to work your way up the ladder, just like everyone else. If you don’t have a portfolio due to not having many sales yet, then post a few images of the work you did before joining Fiverr. If have graphic design experience, then you probably have samples of past work.

Post those. YOU need to take responsibility for your own success. Don’t blame Fiverr because you’re not gaining any sales. Start promoting your work elsewhere, and bring in your own buyers, customers and clients.

Fiverr isn’t going to make you successful. You are. Get out there an make it happen.


I started as an article writer, got my first order after 3 months :slight_smile:

Wait, and concentrate


It is very true that it’s hard to get started here, but as a graphic designer you have an advantage! You can easily add to your gig description a link to any online portfolio you might have. But check first which websites you are allowed to link to, Personally I use flickr, and I noticed a big increase in sales after I put the link out. It gives the buyer a great chance to see more of your work, and not only the work you have made for others, but also the things you have done for yourself.

Whenever I’m overbooked, I direct my buyers to the new arrivals-section. It has so many advantages to buy from the newbies. Since the competition is so big, and getting started is so hard, most new sellers are happy to work very hard for very little, just to get established. And I dont want to sound like the people that think creative jobs should be really cheap, or even free just because “it’s payment enough just to get your name out there” or “I shouldn’t have to pay you for something that you enjoy doing”. Not many people seem to know that any creative work is actually real work, and often even harder work than many other jobs out there. Still, the harsh reality of Fiverr, and any other similar platform, is that you have to break your back for a while before things start to turn. But to you, a new seller, I say: Keep going! As long as you’re doing the best work you can, it will take you places eventually!
And to all the buyers I say: Go look at the new arrivals-page! So many great gigs disappear in the crowd, just because they don’t have so many reviews yet. And even though it can seem like a risk to buy a gig from someone without reviews, the chance is bigger that this new seller is extremely excited about their first job, and will bust their butt for your satisfaction. Take the chance!


@emblaester i really liked your suggestion and thnx for the concern…


@jonbaas,neither i m frustrated nor i m blaming the fiverr…i am working on my portfolio …thnx for the suggestion you gave me…