Dear Buyers - Thank You, But


Dear Buyers,

We appreciate your business, and glad you are here. Without you, we sellers would not exist, and this awesome site would die. However, in your information to the seller, be as detailed as possible so we can do out best. And do not think we are rude when we ask for clarification. We only wish to give you the highest quality of work!



Yes… I agree… I’m grateful that usually people don’t seem to mind that I ask many questions.
Sometimes even with long discussion and clarifying, they buyer leaves out an important detail.
Which, in what I do, design, can actually change the whole design and have to start from scratch. :upside_down_face:
It actually just happened to me.


My last order Buyer ask me to do 23 revision. but i usually offer 5 revision for a work :joy::joy:


As a buyer, I would gladly send more information if/ when requested. I recently ordered 5 gigs and 2 of them completely sucked $$$, one was mediocre but only paid $5 for it. I guess 3 out of 5 isn’t bad… I’m hoping this community forum is a place where I can connect with quality freelancers because I have learned to take the review with a grain of salt.


I think the way you did it is ideal. Try some small, basic orders with different sellers to find one that fits for you. There are some great sellers who post here. More buyers would do well from spending time here.

Thanks for chipping in with your feedback. We sellers appreciate it.



You weren’t satisfied 40% of the time. It’s actually an effing disaster.


I prefer sellers that ask me questions upon ordering or any communication so I at least know they are live and well. :wink:

There are some seller’s who have a hard time articulating themselves and may come off as being rude, but having worked with you before, I can’t even begin to imagine that is the case with you.


You hit the nail on the head with this one. One of biggest red flags with any seller is if they don’t ask you probing questions. For example, I run a proofreading/copy editing gig, and whenever a client contacts me I make sure to ask detailed questions. For example, what language do they want it edited and proofread in --US English and British English can be very different. It’s these details that any buyer should be looking out for when they choose what seller to do business with.

Hope that helps!