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Dear buyers who resell our services

Look, I get it - you spend your time finding clients willing to pay a lot and sellers willing to charge a little and you see a good business opportunity, where you do practically nothing.
Here is the problem. The moment you buy a $10 basic video from me and sell it to a client for $100, the client will expect the result worth $100. Which I could have given to your client, if you were fair with me and your client. The client receives the video and tells you they want changes or are not entirely happy (obviously!), and you come to me pressing free modification button, one you are not entitled to with a $10 order… And so you cancel my order, your client keeps the video and I can do nothing about it whatsoever and lose my good cancellations rate. And I can´t prohibit your client from using the video, because after all, he did pay, just to the wrong person…
Here is the second issue - my reputation. The word of mouth is my only marketing as of now. And you selling my $10 video as a $100 video are causing me quite some damage…

Please STOP DOING THIS! I can’t prevent you. But we are all in this hustle, so be fair… I know asking someone looking for a quick easy buck to be decent or reasonable is a pointless pursuit. But just had to vent…


i Would rather be up front with you about the situation. Even if that means $60 for you $40 for me. At least I know you will deliver what is needed.


That would actually be really fair. You do the marketing I do the creative work :wink: And the client gets a video he paid for! :slight_smile:

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I’m having this issue with a lot of people, and usually these kinds of buyers always rate me low but I can’t do anything about it!!


This is why I adjusted my profile to say I only work with successful business owners, and I adjusted my rates.


Ahh, what can i say as a seller :worried:

Resellers are more likely to cancel or make it difficult for you to get your money. I take great care after what happened to me.
I do not trust resellers…sorry! But when they buy a lower price product then try and sell it at a much higher price then you have problems.

Yes, I think I might do that too. I think I will just set my Standard Pack as a minimum order (basic pack) and create a new Premium pack with more extras :slight_smile: