Dear fellow Fiverr Sale people


. Some I am not sure if it is lack of understanding or what.
Sometimes depending on type of gig, I will be kind show a sample 1-2 as with logos. I have again but three to insure they first and more importantly would even like my work. 2 To insure I could even do what was instructed of me. Mainly to fill their vision.

That is courtesy and no longer will I do this as it is work before pay which I have just reviewed our TOS I work to hard to have it cost me. Yet in this situation it has 2 weeks now still no pay. and just cause I offered unlimited revision did nt mean forever to avoid paying
The past two revise have been very liked and some of the revise was not required in the original order
Now tomorrows Mothers Day I am sure still not to get paid
I do not make big deal as wish them to be very happy and have done all. It is also vital to make my customer happy for when they are happy so will I be.
Also we work hard for excellent reviews Caution on your kindness, and be very specific in your requirements what you will do.

I wish there could be tips for buys Please read How to be a good buyer and not be a nightmare. There is reasonable and there is such things as a nightmare