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Dear fellow singers, be careful of this type of buyer!

Sorry for the long post. This warning is more for the new singers that had recently created a fiverr gig or is trying to get orders from buyer. I’m also in that stage and had stumbled across this one particular buyer on my 3rd order.

He contacted me to sing a soprano part and I told him my price, he asked it to be cheaper. Haggling is normal but this guy asks 75% lower than my original price because that’s all he had in his fiverr account. He promised to give review and for a new gig, it’s “valuable”, so I created a custom order.

He was actively online when he needed something from me, but when I delivered what he ordered he gave no response until almost the cut-off time, when he used the revision request asking for a completely new order.

I explained that he should create a new order as it’s not part of the original order. He promised to add a tip, and that I can take 2 days to complete. At this moment I was suspicious but I wasn’t sure how to proceed as this was my first encounter with someone that abuses the revision button. I complied once again, requested to extend the time limit to an extra 2 days. He did not send me the music file until I was almost out of time so to avoid getting marked late, I used a youtube music guide that he sent for reference.

He asked for a revision and gave me the song to use. Understandable. I sent him the fixed recording. Throughout the communication, he often used the revision button to ask a question and has “used up” the 2 free revision that I stated in the order. Eventually I told him to kindly message me instead if he has questions so that the order can be marked as completed.
He asked for a final revision through the message, saying that he’ll mark it as complete once it’s done. I sent him the revision. After 3 days, the order got automatically completed. No response, no reviews, no tip.

I waited for 2 days for any message from him to explain why he didn’t “keep his promise” but I didn’t hear from him despite being marked as online in some cases.
I blocked and reported him for abusing revision system.
Today, I got another message from a different user, from the same place, also new on fiverr (June 2020), also asking to do choir part, also haggling for my price. My instinct kicked in so I blocked him too.

There were signs that he’s been abusing people with this system because his account was made June 2020, has no buyer review, yet he knows that I can send him message through the inbox even with an ongoing order (something that I didn’t know I could do as someone who just started since April).

So please do take care when you encounter someone asking to do a choir gig. Personally, the lying attitude was what put me off. Even if he pays the price I stated on my gig, I don’t want to be caught being abused by that horrid revision button without proper Fiverr protection.