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Dear Fiverr, I wish search engine doing well finally

Why we should spend all day long for replacing our gigs to finally find them in the search and make some money? Some money. All day long.
What’s happened with search algorythms? Are they turned into something like …just put your word here.
Where are our gigs?

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Could you elaborate on what you mean? I’m a little confused.

I think he means “Why is fiverr not putting his gigs on the browsing list of each category?”

If you are unable to find your gigs in the search result, after updating them in 24hr, then you should contact with CS. They will solve your issue within few hrs.

The search algorithm was changed a few months ago, this is the new algorithm and I think it’s here to stay.

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actually still no because i can see my one gig only

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What’s happened with search algorythms?

To all who can’t find their gigs after placing.
Just wait for 24H and then search. It should be there! Thanks!