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Dear fiverr senior


Dear fiverr Senior,
I am new in fiverr. Please check my gig if any modification please tell me a strong text.
So that I can correct my mistakes.
Thank you


Give yourself some time on here . You will be learning more about Gig ranking and parfection :slight_smile:


Thank you for your valuable comment.


Fascinating. Yet another request for answers from elderly Fiverr users.


Hilarious! :joy: Damn, it’s such a shame people are putting age requirements on these topics. :pineapple:

Should hit up the Evergreen :evergreen_tree: retirement home.


I would help, but I’m only 15…


Dear fiverr senior

I feel cheated. I opened this thread expecting to see a discussion on which senior citizen home has the best pudding cups.


Thank for your comment. I am new so i can expect it.


I don’t know much about tech, my only advice is try to smile in your gig images, if you’re going to use a picture of yourself.


Thank you for your valuable comment.


what actually you mean by 15


You shouldn’t be expecting anything that you didn’t earn.


why i shouldn’t be expecting ? could you please explain ?