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Dear Fiverr staff, admins, moderators, etc

So I flagged a post as spam…I don’t get option 1. Why would I talk to the spammer?

Spam is but one option of four, the person you flag might not be a spammer, you might be in a generous mood and, while finding their post flag-worthy, still want to let them know to RTFM ASAP so they won´t get themselves banned for their dreadful deed against ToS which their post revealed to you or something.

Or it might be something that´s against you, very personally you, and you might want to flag it and tell the person something, privately, not as a reply to their soon to be flagged post.

Or you might want to flag the spammer but also ask them how much those driving licenses and IDs and all that good stuff they wanted to sell on the forum, are. Or something. :wink:

Not you as in you, personally, maybe, but read it as the impersonal ‘you’; apparently the people who made that system up could imagine some cases where that option would make sense, or they were asked to add that option after someone who wondered why it was not there, found it lacking.

But maybe the mods etc. have a better answer. I hope I´m an etc. BTW, so my post won´t get flagged now for off-topicness because I´m no staff, admin, moderator.
To my defence: the usual, it´s a forum, it´s in conversations, if you post in a public forum… :wink:


Yeah, @miiila is correct in her assessment. It could be used to request that someone remove a post that is not necessarily against the rules but you would prefer not to see.
I often use it when someone posts something I think may be a problem for others and ask them to rephrase or remove it.
Some could use it to point out a problem to another user they like and so they don’t want to flag them.


@miiila imagine someone makes a post, great conversation happens and someone randomly posts

I can help you with SEO
I can do your social media

and so forth, even though the original topic of the post/thread has nothing to do with that stuff.

or if someone is bumping up their own posts.

I don´t have to imagine that, it happens all the time, I´ve been on the forum since half a year or so, I noticed, I do flag spam sometimes myself. :wink: And yes, I usually don´t want to talk to spammers, I can still see a reason for the option 1 you don´t get. Because it´s the same pop-up for all 4 cases, not just for the ‘It´s Spam’.

edited for more clarity/vividness, an example:

Someone I generally like posts absolute rubbish at/about me or about someone I generally like, maybe even something that could potentially harm me or that other person in a way, doxxed me/them, whatever, but I like the poster, then while I´d want to flag the post so it might be hidden the soonest possible, I might yet not want to anonymously flag them, but tell them what and why.

Or someone I generally like, posts something that could harm them, say they just announced that they have such a good understanding with their latest buyer that they exchanged emails, then I might want to flag the post so it´s gone from sight but also tell them to effing finally read the ToS and so on.

Or I might not like them and yet not want to flag them anonymously for some reason. Could be just me, but since I didn´t tell the discourse people to put that option in, I guess it´s not just me. :slight_smile: