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Dear Fiverr WE NEED FIVERR CHAT and ONLINE indicator

i recently paid for a gig to get a tweak on my website.

Then all of a sudden my site goes down… i panic, i send series of messages asking the contractor if she took it down herself… but got no reply for a long while… even when she did reply, it was i her 3rd message that she affirmed taking my site down…[not a good communication].

I suggest fiverr lets us have a chat interphase with our buyers, contractors or seller as it may rather than having to wait endlessly or kip refreshing till a message comes in.

i also suggest we have an indicator besides our names that shows when we are online or offline, or busy, available… etc

This can help in many ways, am sure many people will agree with me. [Available but offline], [Available and online][Not available but online] etc

sometimes u want a job done qucik, and you just need some one who is online to get it done immidiately.


You can add more suggestions or refine the above if you have anymore ideas at the comment box below.

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Reply to @bachas85:

i still disagree

what abt d 2nd sugestion?

If fiverr could put up a beautiful site like this, such incorporation would be a drop of the hat to them.I also opened a similar thread like this but it seems everybody’s reluctant to broach this issue. Online status will foster better communication and we don’t need the “last active 5 minutes ago stuff” cause it is useless. We need something like "user online/offline, user log rate today: 15 times a day, average time spent per day,20 minutes " at least it will reassure the other party of how active a user is before making a transaction with him. You wouldn’t want to buy a gig from someone who logs in once in a week, would you?

I both like and dislike the online status.

If i’m online and dealing with a particular GIG or another customer and then get a bunch of messages like

"You’re online, please reply"

"I can see you’re online stop ignoring me"

etc, etc, then I would very annoyed very quickly.

Yes there is the idea of having ‘busy’ ‘away’ but this is increased functionality that takes more to implement than simple ‘online’ and ‘offline’ functionality.

If they could also add this feature “your message has been delivered/opened” , “your message has been starred” to know wether our message has been read or not. I believe the importance of this cannot be over emphasised. This is market place for crying out loud and a better communication is what we need to make it really a market place

You can always contact the buyer before you order and ask him/her if its possible to deliver after an hour or so.

which is better, to contact a seller who’s online and the one who’s offline. Naturally,you’d go for the one online

Online status would cause problems. Buyers might like it, but honestly the sellers will be driven crazy with pestering and nagging which will only result in slowing down their overall productivity.

Considering this is a place for $5 gigs, a,) a buyer shouldn’t expect up-to-the-second attention from a seller - one should have to pay top dollar for on-call and immediate service, and b.) if a buyer needs something done ASAP, they can search by express gigs.

this is a great idea. better communication can mean more sales.

but it can make our website slower and make spread of spam faster.

Add me a BIG GREEN Right mark when i am online, gray Right mark when i am offline :slight_smile:

And monitor chat is more easy than monitor a msg system. Just have to add block words list :slight_smile:

Only problem it Smart sellers will use Auto Refresh Scripts. So they will be online Forever :stuck_out_tongue: If that happen they will eat more bandwidth, that mean fiverr have to spend more money on hosting :frowning: If you ever going to add those options you better count only surfing sellers. Not Refreshes!

In a way you can tell if someone is online, just look at their profile and it’ll say something like “last active 2 minutes ago” or whatever.

Reply to @greyhound12: Its not working buddy

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I agree that a chat program would be great. Messages work fine as emails, but when I am discussing a project with a Fiverr member it would be nice if we could both agree to a chat where it acted more like instant messaging and showed when the other was typing. That way we could hash out all the details and the fiverr person could get all the information they need in one sitting rather than communicate in an email fashion.

I love the idea of an “online” status and an improved chat function!

Private messages are just fine. I don’t need anyone constantly pop chatting with me asking me about there order every 5 minutes, or wasting my time asking about a gig but never purchase one.

Reply to @rossonomous: Hmm…well, I think chat is always useful. Maybe have an option to switch it off if you don’t want to appear online?