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Dear Freelancers: Diversify!

I hear a lot of whining from people who have been selling the same gig or two for many years or months on this site, and then either their gigs get removed, they get banned, or their gig impressions for some reason drop. You should NEVER put yourself in a situation where if you lose your gig on Fiverr, you lose your ability to afford food and toiletries.

The most important way in which you can avoid this is through diversifying.

How do you diversify?

Well, to start off, you should diversify your gigs on Fiverr. This includes offering niche services (Making a gig about writing articles on Bitcoin, or drawing illustrations for children’s books) instead of simply offering general ones.

When it comes to fierce competition, you have to find a way to offer something with your expertise, instead of simply making an “I will make business cards” gig like thousands of other people. You may be great at making business cards, but what separates you from everyone else?

Another way you can diversify is by getting income in other areas. I can’t go too much into detail about this, but it can include things like writing a short ebook, or babysitting on the side. These are called Side Hustles. They are a way of making money from other areas, even if Fiverr is your main income source.

Finding a way to sell your services on many platforms helps too, instead of just one. This can lessen the blow if one of them goes belly up.

Also, always, ALWAYS, have a backup fund. This can be either a couple hundred dollars, or just a couple of months of bills, to prevent you from being left with nothing if something goes wrong.

It pains me to see otherwise great freelancers have to quit freelancing because they only have one source of income, or are otherwise bad with finances. I am not perfect myself, and I am still working through all of this as well. I am not nearly as diverse with my income sources as I want to be. But the more I work at it, the less anxious I am about not being able to afford rent, or feed myself.


Great suggestions. Much appreciated!


Quote of the day!
Well, at least for me.
I have a decent amount saved already on the side, but it’s always nice to have a backup :slight_smile:
And a few extra “side hustles” too!
(that’s a new word for me, BTW)


I learned it from following the YouTube channel The Financial Diet. While I already know a lot of the stuff mentioned on here, it certainly helps motivate me to learn new things.


In this moment fiverr is now my back up. I worked all last year for it but this changing… My official job is getting my back up until i quite… :smiley:


It is a great tip thank you


I have tried other platforms, their system is #$%^
I can’t keep “bidding” or doing free stuff for their contests. Till now, fiverr is the best online platform I guess.

Nice post though :smiley:


I am using another start with a U. It has bidding on it, but that is no different than having a buyer’s request here on Fiverr. Working on the U is not too different than sending a pitch to a larger website.

I agree that Fiverr is awesome, but it is niche enough to be dangerous to be exclusively on.


This is one of the best advice about gigs I’ve seen here thus far!

Thank you.


Don’t diversify into something you can’t do well.


Amen to that! (20 char)


Good to know thanks!!!


Great Suggestions. Really Helpful.

good suggestions i like it

Great suggestion .much Appreciated:roll_eyes:

thanks alot :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

thank you so much–20

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Conscious talk!

Respect every time!!

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This should be added to what was earlier mentioned. Very important! Otherwise you’ll box yourself to a corner with jobs you can’t fulfil. It is one thing to get an order; it’s another thing to deliver. You might consider researching trending gigs on Fiverr, then learn how to do such jobs and set it up!