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Dear friends I need your comments to improve my gig

PlZz friends click the link below and find amazing thing

I found something…it wasn’t amazing.

Honestly, I don’t know what market you’re targeting. Who wants a birthday video, especially one that really doesn’t look that high quality?


Dear I tell u its very simple let it guess u are living in China and i am in Pakistan we spend our childhood together I have some memories …so I make a vedio for your and recall all memory …
Is n’t it good idea …
Believe me its work hundred percent …
If someone wish me I will be happy …

So, you’ve spent time with @somaginer1996 growing up?

The birthday video is not the greatest - very blurry. In fact, it’s lackluster for me.


I’m Chinese American actually, but thanks for assuming, mate.

Even so, I can tell you that people in neither China nor America are going to be looking for a video like that.

The video just looks incredibly blurry and isn’t very appealing. Even if I wanted a video with pictures, I would want one that’s professionally edited and doesn’t look like someone smashed it together in iMovie.

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Wow! I was amazed, that powerpoint slideshow with 15FPS is just amazing :ok_hand:

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You wrote “Providing vedio” instead of “video”. Fix it. :slight_smile:

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Americans or Chinese whoever …thnxx for your suggestion …
Best wishes 4 uu always blessed

You’re welcome. This “American or Chinese whoever” is always here to dole out sarcastic criticism of people’s gigs :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, consider changing the video. I don’t think the birthday video is a bad idea, just make yours look better in terms of quality and effects.


Dear thnxx to tell me

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Get back on-topic. Bringing up China or :us: doesn’t have diddly-squat to do with your post.

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And I recommend you not to use word “dear” when talking with buyers. Because that`s not commonly in the other parts of the world and people many times react negatively to it because it can sound weird in some cases.


OK …actually I m new here …thnxxx I got d point

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Thnxx for your valieable comment

One more useful thing is you to install free software Grammarly, you can find it on web. It`s for Chrome browser and it will automatically fix your writing errors.

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I liked your funny style