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"Dear..." Killing the Vampiric Source

It’s a term that punctures blood vessels from the eye’s of forum onlookers. Threads have been created to address the phenomena. One community member attempted to outline the ‘right way’ to use “dear” when addressing someone and the ‘wrong way.’

We know there is no right way. But there is something we can do…

We have to kill the vampire who started this trend. Yes… it was started by a vampire. Think about it… Only a vampire would address total strangers with a condescending tone - totally un-phased regarding the repercussions.

Also… there’s no sunlight on this forum. Accident? Naw…

My theory is: We can kill the trend, dead, by finding and brutally annihilating the vampire who started this. Man…Am I sick of vampires ruining every good thing. Capes, widows peaks, paleness, Stevie Wonder… the list goes on and on.


What I am hearing is that we have to catch a dear in the headlights long enough for the sun to rise.

Do I have that right?


No, no, Paul…

You have to travel back in time and prevent Stevie Wonder from recording ‘Part Time Lover.’

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