Dear Levin... My new Alter Ego


I have had two messages in 2 days addressed to ‘Dear Levin.’ Am I getting someone else’s messages or do I just look like a Levin?


I suspect it is more to do with your personality than a mistaken name.
According to Wikipedia, Levin in Middle English means “Lightning and thunderbolts”.


You look more like a Michael or Vince to me. But lightning and thunderbolts? That’s a new one :smiley:


No. The last person used the full name and this is the name of a TRS copywriter on Fiverr. I’m apparently getting his messages.


It happens to me, too, when a buyer clicks the wrong seller’s name/icon/whatever, and I receive the messages that were meant for my competitors haha :smiley: I tell them they’ve confused me, then they apologize.


Yeah, but 2 messages in a row from 2 different buyers?


Oh shoot! I hope it’s not that bug again, the one where we can see other people’s messages :scream: that last happened 2 years ago… I think it was a matter of time before happening again.


That did happen to me some time back - if I remember correctly a few people were affected.


Ok, the second buyer says he intended to contact me because I’m way better than my TRS counterpart. Problem solved again! That’s two in two days. What a roll!

Now let’s all wait for you know who to come along and be offended by something…