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Dear madam, please don't call me sir, my dear

I see many ones use “my friend” here :smiley: And I think it’s ok :smiley: Hello my friend, Thank you my friend… Once a very old client called me my friend, but I didn’t see any problem with that. Cultures are different among countries, you just don’t have the perfect pronoun for all the clients, then just use a safe one.

Besides, using the name is a great idea if I can guess their name from the username like Michael, Harry, Lily. But what if their username are prince_of_brave or jedi_knight :rofl: :rofl:


“May the Force be with you. Now, regarding the gig you just ordered…”


You could have easily left “name” out and say something like “Can you respond, please?”


In retrospect, yes.

My emotional side took over on the fourth day with no response.

This is the client who messaged after a month of delivery and acceptance stating, “Why haven’t you shared the manual yet?”

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:rofl: what about a client called:

Hello uvuvuevewe oyereer swoei oasas :rofl:


That happens a lot with me as well.

Once during a zoom (audio), a client (while demoing their software) pointed it out and asked me where my schooling was from, and how old I was!

It was surprising because I was from DOWN THERE… (downthereistan lol)

Legit question!

Maybe ask them the pronunciation and ask them whether there is an alternate initial they would prefer (maybe)

or… just ignore the elephant in the room, avoid calling the name and sincerely hope there is no need!

Okay, someone please share the right way.

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My personal favorite: “my good man”. I’ve used it in a leadership position once, because I got truly pissed off at an employee.

“My good man. This just won’t do.” :rofl:

The employee quit. (If he didn’t, I would have fired him for pure incompetence).


I’m particularly fond of “sugar-bun”. It’s so american to use food as a term of endearment.

@michaelscottmk6 I disagree, actually. I guess it comes from the fact that I live in a tourist area where street sellers will use the line “special price for you my friend”. It has become sort of a stereotype when you want to explain what they do for a living. :rofl: