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Dear Men, are you tired of getting told to "Man up" or "Grow a pair"?


My fellow brothers,

Are you tired of people telling you to “man the heck up”, “get your game on”, “stop being so weak”, or “grow a pair” whenever we share our problems? Have you ever felt that you have not been understood and acknowledged?

Being a man in this era is not easy. There’s lots of things expected of us. A lot of times, we have to produce something before we are being acknowledged. We have been pressured to become human doings instead of human beings.

I can assure you one thing. Regardless of your situation, you are doing the BEST you could have done with your given perspective. You probably lived your life with good intentions but have been misunderstood because you have yet to PRODUCE something that is good enough for their standards yet.

Let me be your non-judgmental listening ear. I will be there to offer an imaginary pat on your back to affirm your efforts. I will be there to offer an imaginary arm to pull you up from the ground after your fall. I will help you feel affirmed and empowered once again so that you can unleash your inner warrior and do greater good for mankind.

Much love,
Brother from another Mother