Dear New Sellers (and Level 1 Sellers Too)


Don’t message other sellers with custom offers asking them to buy your gigs. You would think this would be common sense, but apparently it isn’t. This is spam. You may think it’s not, but it is. You want to make sales? Well, get to know the platform you’re on first. Maybe actually read the Terms of Service. From there, use the Forum to find posts on how to actually get sales from buyers. Like, I don’t know, maybe posts on how to market yourself to buyers so you don’t have to go spamming hundreds of other sellers that don’t want your service. There’s literally hundreds of posts on here on how to do that. Just read beyond the first page.

I hope you guys give this a read and listen, but somehow, I feel like my inbox is still going to be bombarded with custom offers of, “Hey man, would you mind helping me out by buying my gig? It’s only $60. Just buy it and leave a 5 star review.” smh




I have seen sellers have their entire accounts banned for sending random custom orders out.


Some sellers even include their e-mail addresses when they message. This is so dumb, because Fiverr marks them as spam immediately. Of course, on Yahoo Mail I get the notification and their e-mail, but I never write them.

Some sellers don’t get it. Fiverr isn’t telemarketing, you don’t need to cold call or mass e-mail to get orders. Just keep making gigs or improve the ones you have already until you get orders.


Plus: stop messaging other sellers with questions on how to get sales.

B.t.w. I have to disagree on the part of OP post when it comes to reading the forum for tips. Don’t do that, go to the Fiverr Academy instead. Most of the post in this forum are by those who don’t know how to do it themselves. Yes, in the land of the blind, the one eyed is king. Don’t listen to them and go for the real advice in de Fiverr Academy.




i agree with you


True, Fiverr Academy is good help as well. We read a lot of articles on there as well as the blog when we first started.


very useful post I have ever seen. Thanks


Yes, it true I agree with


yes some seller are.
good advice


Totally agreed, Even i got so many sellers message with REVIEW Exchnage orders, mean they want to order my gid and in result they told me to order thir ones and gv review… I was surprised what are they doing man?? Fake reviews, i cant understand why are they here then if they dont want to do hardwork.

and if they have got so many fake reviews then at last if they geet orignal orders…how they wll do that?? Its Ridicolous… :slight_smile:


Well this thing started from local Academies. I was invited to one of famous academy here in my city to share my experience and give them tips on how to survive on fiverr. When i finish my lecture and asked a question from students that please raise your hands who has got the orders on fiverr. So from few of them i asked how you get your very first order they blew my mind up with this beautiful idea hahahha firstly i laugh and secondly i warned them by doing this you people will get ban soon. Stop doing this trick.

Now what academy was doing is to show a better result to their parents that we have trained your child and now they are entrepreneur and are earning by there self.

Further More what they were doing is was taking their national identity card and on that basis they were creating payoneer account from there referral link as payoneer is giving $25 bonus on referral.

But they were actually destroying the child future by doing this turning there mind toward easy money and spoiling there capabilities of learning something new.


Agreed. I had someone randomly message me and ask me to purchase one of his gigs. Very annoying.