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Dear new sellers, in one word, describe your experience so far


Hello new sellers,

It’s been awesome joining Fiverr. Some sellers have had it smooth while for some, it’s been pretty rough and dry. In one word, describe your experience and let’s exchange ideas on how to improve ourselves. Let’s get started!!!


Struggle… that’s the best way I can put it



Moving ahead for a fiverr success story


We’ll survive. The hustle is real.


It’s a journey bro. We’ll tell the story soon.


I am having a daily diary for my story on fiverr
and soon will turn into a ebook for learners


@smartwriter111 I just looked at your profile and gigs. They are plagiarized. You need to improve your gig descriptions and your profile. Use more professional content (images, gig videos and etc.)


In one month i received 5 orders, but only 3 of them gave me a feedback and now my gigs are somehow stagnated.


Hoping for the best and ready for the worst.
I didn’t even get a single enquiry for any of my gigs. :sad:

Seller should passionate and dedicated on every project!



(Actually, I just described my experience as a human)

edit: I’m not new, but coffee still defines my experience.


Not new to fiverr but a relatively new seller. It’s been great for me honestly. I’m not breaking bank but its been fun to make money doing what I do. Fiverr CS has been helpful and kind. Only had one real issue with a buyer but it was solved rather quickly.


Brand new seller. Experience has been hopeful. I’m confident in my abilities but no sales yet.


My word would have to be “Blatherskite.”


Joined on 15th August, 6 orders, and a $100.

Getting too low per hour but just want to make some client base before I start charging like others.

I would say so far so good.


two weeks, 2000 impressions, still no sales


Wow! That’s really sad. Sorry bro. I always tell them to leave reviews. I make sure to tell them the importance of reviews.


on first day got my first sale and completed it