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Dear New Sellers/Sellers Whose Native Language is Not English

Welcome to Fiverr! I hope you find success in whatever it is you’re selling! :slight_smile:

You may have noticed a section of the website called ‘Requests’. I know what you’re thinking: "This is my chance to request buyers to buy my gig!"

No. No it’s not.

Before you post anything, take a good look at the Requests page. If this is your first time, you’ll see instructions on how to post your request. The very first instruction is to ‘Describe the service you are searching for’. But wait! You’re here to offer services, not search for them! That’s where the ‘Buyer Requests’ page comes in.

Move your mouse over your username, click ‘Selling’ and then click ‘Buyer Requests’. (see screenshot) This is where you can offer services related to your gig! All you have to do is click the bright green button that says ‘Send an Offer’ that appears when your mouse moves over a request. You can do this up to 10 times a day!

In closing, the ‘Requests’ page is for buyers looking for a seller, not the other way around. If you offer services there, it will only be seen by other sellers, and no buyers will see your offer. Use the ‘Buyer Requests’ section instead.

I hope this clears up any confusion! Good luck!


Kim (hanashivoice)

thanks !!

Well said,. thanks from all of us!.

Great careful explanation that we all hope will help others! Thank you. I’m promoting your post to an announcement to keep it toward the top of the Discussions page for now. :slight_smile:

You can shout that one from the housetops.
By my count, 20% of buyer requests are sellers trying to advertise - that includes requests that are so poorly written you can’t tell what they are after.

Thanks dear this was really great…
And it is the easiest and great option from fiverr I really appreciate this…
Buyer and seller both can easily find each other from this service

Great explanation indeed :slight_smile:


when i click username, click ‘Selling’ and then click ‘Buyer Requests’ then there will be only
one buyer request. see this image.

Good explanation Dear!!
I am also very disturbed whenever i see like the types of requests. Fiverr Should take step against these types of spam. we are here for doing work in great manner and professional way. But some sellers do not understand his own value. Anyways. Thanks for sharing this information to others. Good Luck!!

I appreciate the careful explanation and for someone to take the time to point this out rather than to continue ranting about it but I’m a bit ticked off by the assumption that this practice comes from sellers whose native language isn’t English. The title just feels arrogant and demeaning to me. “Here here, foolish bilingual sellers, come learn about Buyer Requests!”

Yes, many of the sellers doing this are from Pakistan, India and other such countries but many are also Americans and from what I’ve noticed, some of them lost the privilege of sending offers to buyer requests and are now using this annoying self-marketing tactic and some simply don’t seem to understand that spamming isn’t a good marketing strategy.

Thanks for the clarify us about buyer request.

I am new here but professionally not new… your clarification about buyers request is impressive… stay blessed and keep going with such excellent work. thanks…

nice one friend

Reply to @moonranger: LOL. I understand you buddy. Well said!

Reply to @jasminerose1: Waarom heb je mijn lieve zeggen? Mijn neef Sieb doet dit niet . Dat komt meestal uit een ander deel van de wereld .

Reply to @fonthaunt: A barrier is a barrier, I suppose. Maybe your cousin is just an exception to the rule?

Reply to @chellevanhoy: Could be! Curious. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: I blame the X-Men. Gambit and Rogue call everyone chere and that probably confuses people who are familiar with French and not as well with English. :wink:

Reply to @chellevanhoy: I blame X-Men for everything. Well, almost.