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Dear new sellers, what are you doing?

This is by far the craziest one that I got where I have to pay $200 when I’m not looking to buy a logo and the person doesn’t even have a portfolio.

This is not how you get sales. This is how you get reported.


And I hope you did report them.

The Fiverr marketplace needs to be cleaned up of these chancers. We can all play our part by reporting them.


Absolutely. Sometimes I’ll have a little chat to figure out what the person’s plan is when they approach people like this but this one’s just shameless.


Dear logo , sand me.


@lenasemenkova Report to Fiverr, Supporter take the action.

Just reading that made me slip into a comma for about 12 seconds.

So…“dear logo sand me”…can someone translate that for me please?

Is it “Dear, please let me send you a logo” or something like that?

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LOL! I’ve gotten a few similar messages. “I see you have nine pending orders. I can help you with them.” Umm…no, thank you! Another absurd message I got was “Hi deer (if you are going to call me by an animal’s name, at least get the gender right :roll_eyes: ), are you hiring right now?” And one more: “I am a great professional and will deliver your orders on time.” For some reason, many people seem to assume that good sellers are waiting to outsource their work to newbies.

google translation failed . :rofl:

Dang, I should’ve just sent them a link to my own logo gig and go: “Cool, which one do you want to buy for $200?” If they wanted me to sand them a logo, I should’ve done so.


You should have… Top rated seller like you definitely get $200 for your logo design…

You were quick to recover… My eyes are still rolling. :eyes:

Plus he has the perfect combo: no profile picture, lack of english :rofl: