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Dear Sellers: Fiverr doesn't really care about you.... Mmmkay?

In Short - I’m done caring so hard about fiverr. This details why you may want to re-think what basket you put your eggs into if you’re thinking of being a Serious seller here. If you are a perfectionist … go somewhere else.

Fiverr is not the place for you.

It has become more evident to me that fiverr shows no signs of wanting to police the problems that plague this platform in terms of buyer/seller experiences and Seller Protection.

Here is what happened this week as well as a brief idea of how my gig works in regards to a client who was allowed to leave a 1 star rating on my gig and not read what he bought. On top of that , he is literally one of the biggest known internet scammers in the Porn/Casino business apparently… Which was news to me after I had the issue with him… Lets dive right in.

In order to save time , I’ll stick this in bullet point fashion.

The gig he bought was my testimonial gig and it clearly states what is worn for that gig.
It also shows the background used for the normal delivery… several sample videos under it show what I wear and exactly what the video will be delivered looking like. I wear the same exact clothes in every single video unless the wardrobe extra ($10 is bought) … That’s just how my gigs and many others work in the video biz here.

So here is what happened:

  1. Buyer purchases gig for $30. This covered the cost of me reading his script. That’s it. Except … he casually puts at the bottom of his script “Dress professional and successful. NO HATS. NO identifying pictures in the shot. Do not use the same background as other videos you have done in the past please.”

  2. Seeing now that this buyer has obviously not paid for the extra background… I went ahead and recorded the video assuming he would simply pay the $10 to change it later. Or at the very least I would just comp it for free. The clothing I wear (the black shirt) is professional enough to make spokesperson videos and product commercials… So I figured it would be enough for his video.

  3. Keep in mind , the gig clearly states what is offered by default and that clothing is an extra $10 fee. Background changes are as well. ($20 of extras he is asking for now through his script)

  4. I send a message just in case about the shirt. *"fyi -The default black shirt is worn for all videos unless the +$10 wardrobe fee changes it to the ButtonDown French Cuff black shirt."

  5. Some hours later I record the video. He responds back nearly 12 hours later “i do not want you to wear the same shirt you wore on other videos. any other shirt sill do.i am not paying 10 bucks for you to change your clothes.”

  6. Seeing as it’s not the “professionalism” of the shirt… but that it’s the fact that he wants it to look “Different” is the problem here. And he showed no sign of paying for it… Also , this is rude as hell of him.

  7. The problem here is… The work he ordered was already done by the time he got back to me… And it was done in the way specified in the gig. The are several samples shown to the buyer … the gig intro … the sample videos I’ve done in the past… The person has every chance to see what he is buying , pay for anything extra , or ask questions.

  8. To resolve this for them. I sent him 2 alternate backgrounds… That did not solve it.
    I offered to charge only $10 to wear the new shirt AND REDO THE WHOLE $30 SCRIPT FOR FREE.
    But that didn’t solve it…

  9. Client leaves a 1 star review after saying how he spends "Thousands on fiverr every month"
    Clearly there was no helping this buy figure out what he bought or remedying the situation even by offering now what should be $40 of free stuff to him if I included the cost of actually redoing the $30 script WITH the changed background AND different shirt.
    In short … we did everything we could to please this guy aside from re-recording a big script in a new shirt for FREE when it’s CLEARLY LISTED ON THE GIG AS AN EXTRA.

  10. So … I do a little research on this guy… Because … well… once I know who you are… and you leave a dent on my business… I wan to see how you treat others… cause I’m a pretty easy going guy until you piss me off. Low and behold … he runs a Porn + Casino Turnkey business and has over 14 SCAM REVIEWS on sites like pissedoffconsumer and ripoffreport… There are over 8 different sites containing 1 or more than one customer reviews about this guy stealing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from people… He was claiming that the websites + Turnkey porn/casino businesses he sells them will make them lots of money… And these people werent getting results… thousands of dollars down the drain apparently… These people were PISSED OFF CONSUMERS… of his product or service.

  11. If you typed in his name… Google would finish off the rest of it with "Lawsuit"
    So if his name was Donny Dumbo … It would type “Donny Dumbo Lawsuit” for you!!
    Under that would be the words “Scams… etc… etc…” He is a BIG INTERNET SCAMMER.

  12. After realizing how crap his attitude really was towards me… I went to fiverr with a screenrecording showing our whole conversation … how everything is listed in my gig … how he didnt want to pay … how he is a major internet scammer on tons of website and recognized by the google search … etc… etc…

  13. Fiverr basically assured me that they were not going to let him cancel his order on me.
    But he sure was allowed to leave a 1 star rating after saying “The Actor is fine” about the video. It’s purely that he was not happy with having to pay extra for the things he wanted.

  14. So if you are a serious seller and you expect fiverr to have your back… Get that crap out of your head. Fiverr doesnt care about you. They care about the “Thousands of dollars a month” that guy is spending on to scam all his clients elsewhere.

Read between the lines. Fiverr doesnt care about the seller. And this experience has shown me that. Generally fiverr is very good at seeing these morons and helping me out. But after realizing that this guy really DOES spend thousands on fiverr… Fiverr didnt want to piss him off… So they let him crap on me. That’s fine – I’m done caring about how clients feel about their interaction with me on If they are idiots , I’m going to make them know and feel like the idiots they are.

Fiverr is also ignoring my 2nd screencapture where I showed them even more sites and reviews of how this guy treats others on the web. They arent even answering my ticket.

As further proof that there is really no avoiding this situation… I sent in ANOTHER screen capture to show them that ANOTHER client made THE SAME mistake with me… I mean THE EXACT SAME mistake with me AS I WAS MAKING OUT THAT TICKET!!!… But this guy was cool enough to just say “Oh ok don’t worry about the shirt then” … And we delivered his 5 star order with a glowing review.

It’s a simple case of… Buyer’s DONT READ. And for the most part that is ok… AS LONG AS THEY DONT GET TO LEAVE 1 STAR REVIEWS ON YOUR GIG BECAUSE OF IT.

Fiverr is freelance kindergarten. Spend your energy elsewhere. Or be prepared to eat a lot of crap like this and feel like nothing you can do will ever earn you the support of those who take a commission from you. Whether you make $100 or $2000 per month on fiverr.

They care more about the buyer… and this experience was all the proof I needed. So sad…

PS: I’m also in the process of removing another 1 star review from a guy who ordered my consultation gig… again not reading when I am available to chat … decided to go on an unannounced 2 week visit to china while telling me his products are on the way… Then comes back today while I’m sleeping … talks to my wife on skype and sets up an appointment for 9pm MY TIME… We make double sure MY TIME was in there… The guy ends up trying to contactt me 2hrs before that … gets all pissed off and says “If it takes more than 2 weeks to get in touch with you , we shouldnt work together” And leaves a 1 star review… So I got back to him (before the 9pm appointment we set earlier today) … And told him of his mistake… He realizes this… And agrees to change it (tomorrow after he wakes up).Tells me he has already hired another person for the task already too… (thank God!)… –
I finish with … PS: We have an an appointment in 4 minutes (It was 8:56 MY TIME)

I have him on video saying he’ll remove it and I sent it to fiverr customer support.
If they dont fix that… I swear to God…

*Update on this issue directly above— Fiverr support failed to fix that ticket… They actually ignored me completely on this new ticket. I basically told the client I had “my own plans” for a video for his company instead…
Yea the gloves came off. Long story short… He emailed fiverr ,got the review removed …
For some reason the client actually wanted to still order a video from me…
And I turned that into a 5 star review and that same client sent 2 more products … already another $100-$150…
The point is … fiverr is so bad at supporting the seller… this entire thread is proof of that. If I did something so wrong so as to deserve a 1 star review from this guy … how the hell did I turn that right into $200 dollars…?

What it comes down to is … 20% of people are dumb… And/Or there are a lot of dumb people on fiverr. I’m going to treat them accordingly because being professional earns you Jack $hit in the eyes of fiverr. You can dot your I’s and cross your T’s all you want. They dont care about you. This week was proof for me and marks the day I stop caring about this. Watch my 99% (Been at 100% for 2 years) rating swirl down. And ask me if I care anymore.

I dont even care to spellcheck/review the above rant. If anyone wants clarification get in touch with me.
I’ve started backing off of fiverr to fulfill other more soul-fulfilling things with my life. This place brings me down so much these days… It’s a shame there has to be so many stupid buyers who make it hard here. I can’t make people read… and I shouldn’t have to. Shame on fiverr customer support for not seeing how big of a scammer and incompetent buyer this guy was… And for him to leave a review because he was too cheap to buy what he wanted is ludicrous. What a stupid experience.


Phew! (20 Characters)


Or, you know, guy’s justa c-word.

I do sympathize, but best thing to do is cool off on Asshat Central and realize that he’ll probably get bent over double by another kind gentleman in the future. No reason to slash and burn the others.

That said. prices be going up for me this weekend. I want nothing more to do with cheap shitheads anymore either.


Anyways writer, stop saying Fiverr’s perfect only it isn’t then liking posts like this. That’s some bullshit right there.


Love it and somehow true! :joy:


I don’t like his demands which he does not offer to pay for. I see you are a perfectionist and I understand that. But we get these types sometimes. I feel bad this happened to you and wish there was some solution other than simply putting it behind you somehow and going on with your excellent work.

Did he change his review recently? I think it says something different now? I don’t see anything in that review that sounds bad at all that you did. It won’t stop anyone from getting your amazing videos. I told you that though. It’s the same as I told someone else today who got a bad review.
Look at the glowing review above that one. Everyone can plainly see how good your gigs are.


Sorry to hear that. (quite a long post/blog) Anyway I guess you should have confirmed first before starting working on the order. Then if he refuses, you would have cancelled it.

Thumbs Up for this one.

Do you think it will hurt us if we say something about Fiverr so openly? I am asking about the invisible TOS…

His review was “The worst video job I have received on Fiverr and I have ordered from over 30 sellers. The background was fake. It was not authentic. Totally bogus. Refused to accommodate me. Wanted another 10.00 and when I refused to pay more he would not do the job properly. Over 10 bucks. Never do business with this seller.”

I’ll break that down:
– His “Background not being authentic” is evident because it’s a greenscreened background. The video intro shows the exact same background and the video I delivered looks literally exactly the same.

–“Refused to accomodate me” means I sent 2 alternate background that I’ve NEVER used before for free. But wouldnt re-do his $30 order wearing the different shirt that costs $10 more in the first place. (The 2nd $10 for the background change being an issue on the side…) … He wasnt prepared to pay either $10 fee apparently. Who am I to know his $hit doesnt stink?

@misscrystal “and wish there was some solution other than simply putting it behind you somehow and going on with your excellent work.”

—Thanks but No , you see I’m wired differently. I don’t let people crap on me and get away with it. Too many people I know do this. I expect fiverr to simply do the right thing or this is just going to get a lot of attention so that I can get the feedback they are not able to provide me. I just want to know if anyone finds a fault in anything here…

If I’m going to start telling people… “Hey , do you want to break free from the grind and change your life? Try fiverr!” … I want to make sure I can recommend the damn place

If I can’t make fiverr realize that they have some improvements to make… I don’t know if I’m gonna put up with it much longer. I’m making preparations AWAY from fiverr. Thats starting right now. I was gonna put up about 4 more gigs… But I’m just going to start advertising my own biz. I’m done.
If I don’t …I’ll just give myself more headaches trying to do more business on here. I’ve been stupid far too long… really… The only reason I’m still here is because I’ve been too busy here to even think about my business much… Pfft…

Grabs the wheel and drives

I wish you wouldn’t go, we need some quality videos sellers here. Yours are excellent.

I hear you …

But here is why I didnt:

  1. The buyer made this mistake… I now have a timer sitting on that order.
  2. If I cancel that … this jackass may never see it , Thus hurting my gig severely if he didn’t accept it.
  3. What are you left with? - A minor cancellation hurting you or a major cancellation hurting you.

Do you see the problem yet?

Past Experiences:
90% of the time , the client will simply opt to say "Don’t worry about that extra … record anyway"
because they want to save time.
Or they order the extra and I just put on that new shirt and re-do it.
But sometimes you’ll get that guy who didn’t read… didnt want to pay extra… and doesnt care about how he conducts his business or who’s business he $hits on in the process. He also doesnt care about how he makes you feel at any point in the process by simply saying something so rude as “I’m not going to pay for you to change clothes” … – That’s this guy. Pompous prick internet marketing scammer 100%. No I didn’t reach the conclusion that he was a scammer because of what he did to me… I just made sure the guy wasnt going to get a free video from me and use it on his website… But when I ACTUALLY GOOGLED HIS NAME … Boy boy boy… That’s exactly what he was going to do alright.
If I’m left with a position where some idiot who doesnt read can hurt my gig. He better be prepared to pay for what he ordered somebody to do. Especially if he has so many examples sitting right in front of him.

A lot of times clients will just send their scripts in containing those instructions and dismiss them when I send the extra payment requirement to the order… Really 90% of people are easy going and understand their mistake… Or actually they didnt mean to even submit those instructions because they read the gig itself… They just forget to take it out

So in this situation , I’m either left with hoping this guy can extend the order until next video night… Or cancel it and screw my rating…

If he doenst answer the cancellation , it SEVERELY HURTS YOUR GIG…
If he doesnt extend the timer , IT SEVERELY HURTS YOUR GIG - BY CANCELLING ANYWAY.
Best case scenario: You will get a 5 star cancellation feedback from them.
Most Likely Cancellation Scenario: You’ll get 1 star cancellation feedback from them.
The Seller Loses Almost Every Way - Of course this should piss you off if you care about your rating here.
So I’ve stopped caring.

Fiverr needs to hold these buyers more accountable…

Because it’s pissing off quality sellers.

Who’s fault is this really?
This all could be avoided if the buyer reads what the hell they buy.

Am I wrong? My @$$ is covered.

Go look at my gigs. I’m sure you’ll have questions before ordering…
I’m sure it reminds you to contact me before ordering…
I’m sure you’ll see everything is plainly listed there…
I’m sure you’ll see that anyone who is fair and understanding will be able to own up to their mistake or most likely fork out the measly extra $10 to get their $hit done.

The buyers here are sometimes pure garbage. That’s all. I’m tired of it.
Fiverr should do something more with the 20% they take from us.
My 20% alone could go towards answering at least my tickets more efficiently.

Seriously, you’re going to comment on me “liking” a post?


It would be so easy for CS to right this situation. But obviously I’m not in their shoes… just my initial reaction. I mean the order is done, the dude got his product however crappy he deemed it (but I agree with you, he was in the wrong), and the review he left was simply a conflated lie.
Either they need to come up with a solution that allows for partial refunds to maybe act as a compromise-- perhaps 50% of the revenue returned to the buyer, and the review removed. A sort of win-win but lose-lose situation for both of you so the playing field is even.
I dunno just a suggestion. But how on earth is it not glaringly obvious how manipulative buyers can be? Especially when you’ve clearly gone out of your way to provide evidence that is more than sufficient for this particular case. Don’t they understand that reviews are our lifeblood here? You did absolutely everything in your power to right the situation with the buyer, and they refused to be reasonable.
I understand CS has to remain even for both buyer’s and sellers, but there are situations for grey area, and this sounds like it was one of them that should have worked out in your favour. I mean you got paid in the end, but again, reviews are our REAL currency here!

edit: not to mention the total scammer/likelyavoidingthelaw this guy is. if there’s anything we’ve learned about this site doing their research on controversial figures and making a reasonable decision, they haven’t really proven much backbone in that regard… yet. You can do it Fiverrrrr! I believe! : ) #bantherightpeople


Exactly why I’m so mad. CS Doesn’t have the competence to see this one at all. I just don’t want them to think they can get away with favoring the “Power Buyer Scammer” over the “Power Seller with a 100% good track record” <-- Which is now 99%…

yes … I’m still pissed.

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our gig descriptions should be a binding TOS in themselves lol. Anyone who mis-reads or doesn’t read, sorry, you can’t ask for more for free if you already willingly agreed and cemented to something in advance. And if you ask for more for free, you get banned and we keep your money! lol
harsh but kinda sorta gives me the feeeels
2am, i’m out.


Customer service was tired of being in the position of hearing from sellers each time one got a bad review.

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That’s fine. I’m just gonna start crapping on people’s businesses if they get to crap on mine if I get no real help. Somebody has to slap them on the wrist. I can be a huge troll. huge … huge troll. I grew up with the generation that coined the name troll. That should tell you something O_o.

The way you overcome this is not to lower yourself.
On the contrary, you are better off showing that you are a pro.

I mean … really… whats wrong with holding buyers responsible for something?
Ordering my gig SHOULD be an act of accepted TOS. I don’t see why not… What the hell is it otherwise? Fiverr should play strictly by the rules… I’m fine with that… Over 6 years , I’ve designed all the ways to cover my ass. I know every single time this COULD happen … and I have really no choice but to “Roll the dice” and hope it doesnt… Thats the real problem here… I’ve told them of several gaps that cause bad reviews … bad buyer/seller engagements , tons of support tickets … I’ve offered several solutions to the dev team.

They don’t talk to you. Shows they don’t care.

So rather than keep brown nosing this company , I’m going to start speaking my mind… Wherever that leads me , I guarantee you think - Happiness follows. Cause this place just pisses me off every single day I login to do anything.

I just finished my other ticket to them on my newest 1 star review of the consultation gig.
I could go on and on about how people don’t read… There is no end to it …
If they dont fix this one , I’m going to lay another one down for the rant table.
And probably look for a new place to live because I’ll be lighting a match to this business at that point.
Sometimes @misscrystal … the universe closes one door and opens another… right?