Dear Sellers: Fiverr doesn't really care about you.... Mmmkay?


Is it stooping too low to be the only one attempting to enact some sort of judgement on those who are ignorant , careless , and hurting others?


You missed the point I was trying to make.

It is about your demeanor as a professional, your pride, your quality as a business person, that is tested when something like this happens.

It is hard to maintain when you are treated so unfairly but it is something to keep in mind and always strive for. There will always be things like this sometimes but the real challenge to overcome is your own reactions to them. I struggle sometimes myself with that but I know I need to stay on focus. I don’t want to get too distracted from the mission I’m on which is to provide something extraordinary.
Nothing else matters in comparison to that.


Ohh yes … I understand.
I think I’m approaching this with a rather blunt spiritual philosophy here and just not telling anyone.
At least me and you both know there is a hell of a lot more to life than this petty crap.

In short… I’m not putting up with crap anymore. Mr. Professional is leaving the building. Time to let happiness flood my spirit instead of this garbage…Time to start sharing the gifts this world needs from me instead of feeding the “system” And I’ll still be treating others how I’d like to be treated… because if I was a jackass… I’d sure want somebody to make me aware of it.

If my video business still thrives after this. So be it … at least I’m not gonna try so hard to be perfect on a platform where perfect doesnt pay off.



That’s it. Not worth really caring about this stuff at all. I like to imagine this little blue ball we are riding on temporarily, floating around in the blackness, and here we are thinking all this is so important when it’s nothing.


What if that was a grand deception? =)


It is. In truth it is a tiny ball of blue yarn that’s pawed about by the cat of the evil guy from that James Bond movie.

But I’m tired and going back to bed for an hour, and maybe by the time I’m up again it’s a pretty shiny soap bubble drifting on a nice spring breeze.

Until that cat notices. :wink:


Same thing happened with me 20 days ago :confused:



I totally agree with the original post that Fiverr don’t really care. They are here to make money in their way. That will mean squeezing buyers and (more easily) sellers for more all the time.

They will push ahead with allowing new sellers to buy their way to the top of the search results over people who have consistently provided quality work. They will ignore the scammers that want something for free. They don’t want a higher wage bill for policing the site so it will become lawless.

It’s only when the site ends up with a terrible reputation and they lose tens of thousands of buyers will they realize and do something about it. Until then expect more people like the one you have dealt with.


It most certainly is! No doubt. It’s all a dream.


As you know from what I said previously, I agree with you about the buyer you are referring to, the injustice of it all and I am surprised that CS don’t remove the review.

However, I also believe that not everything is fair in life, business etc. and that while getting annoyed and reacting as you have is normal, understandable and even therapeutic, if the situation is something that you have no control over and cannot change then there comes a point when you need to just say “Screw it” and move on. The internet is full of people like that guy, you will likely have to deal with more of them down the line and that is whether it is on another freelance site or through your own website. If someone gives you an unfair review on Yelp or somewhere, what could you do about it?

I mean this in the nicest, most sincere and helpful way - Get over it. This is not helping you.
That review will not affect you, it will soon be lost among positive reviews and even if someone sees it by filtering for negative reviews it stands out as being ridiculous and the guy sounds like an idiot. It wont affect you.

The criticism of Fiverr is fair enough in a way but it should be viewed in the context that any other platform can be criticized for similar. There is very little difference in how these platforms behave in these circumstances and had this review been left on Yelp by a client from your own website it is unlikely that it would be removed. It makes sense to not have all your eggs in Fiverr’s or anyone else’s basket so do diversify, check out other options etc but remember that you have also had over 500 orders (I’m estimating) through Fiverr which did not go badly.


You’re right. I’ve basically stopped caring about all this anymore. It helps to vent though. I needed to get this out because it’s very wrong of fiverr. And before anyone else goes down my path of really trying to maintain a perfect rating here…well… I think it’s just not something that should be highly sought after because it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Now , I could game the system and have buyers buy several of my gigs to have a sort of buffer for the occasional person like this who leaves a 1 star rating. But I tend do to more larger orders …less quantity. So I think thats why it effects me more in particular. I should just incorporate a way to have clients place more orders. Perhaps , a gig for adding on-screen text… And a gig for adding music to a video… and a gig for adding an intro … and… But you see how that would cloud the market? It would be perfectly acceptable according to TOS… and would even be a fairly legit way to conduct business… and I’d never have to worry about the random 1 star review… I’d have about 5000 reviews right now if I were doing it this way. Is this really what it takes? I just seem to get burned doing it the right way so much , it makes me wonder…

Oh well … I’m taking the day off… Gonna e-mail myself and report in sick.


At here… all TOS and rules for seller… buyers do get treat like GOD. I can’t say more.


You can always direct fiverr team to the if you ran fiverr for a week post. A lot of people with a lot of suggestions. Hey I just thought an additional improvement.


Sorry to hear about this. Obviously the problem is with the buyer and not you. Don’t let this bring you down.


Sorry this happened to you


Sorry to hear about this, @videostore

Unfortunately, all that matters on platforms like this is how money they collect from the fee they charge the buyers and eventually you, if you ever buy a service or when you withdraw money. I made around $500 and something in 1 month, selling WordPress development services and the way I’m doing things is I take extra time to talk with the client BEFORE they even buy any gig. This way, I am making sure I understand their request and that I properly charge them for the time spent on the discussion and for the services they need.

Hope you will have less experiences like this.


I read numbers 1 and 2 on your original post several times.

Would you do anything different if you could “redo” this?

I am only a buyer and I have made SEVERAL mistakes when ordering.
In almost all of those circumstances, the seller corrected me (firmly but nicely) and told me when I needed to purchase extra/different gigs to get what I was needing. I was embarrassed :blush: but complied. It was clear that they would not accept my order until I complied. In some cases, I was asked to get approval before ordering. (It was a bit irritating at first, but now I like it because it prevents misunderstandings!)

I think drawing FIRM boundary lines with the buyer at the beginning helps with everyone getting what they want. If the buyer declines the sale, then celebrate that you have successfully prevented a probable “mishap/issue”. :slight_smile:


All of the above should make perfect sense why sellers are firm about it … wont accept an order until it’s final … and in most cases ask you to contact them with any questions.

My FIRM BOUNDARY LINES - Are within my gig description + gig video.
There are no questions about what you get and for how much unless you want special effects.

In this case the buyer knows what the background will be … what I’m wearing … and how much it costs…
All from both the video and gig text.

This , I repeat , was a case of the buyer not knowing his ass from a hole in the ground and not wanting to pay for anything that I deemed an “extra” on my own gig. So .

Screw that bastard. Screw him to hell and back. I went an made some scam reports of my own out about him on the web seeing as customer support didnt fix it.

God they are worthless they really are…

They flat out ignored me on my next request (completely different issue) to have feedback removed…
I ended up going so ham on the client that left THAT feedback , they begged fiverr to remove it and now I’m working with them on their 2nd video.

It was just a matter of the client also not reading what he bought… and thought I was gonna just accept a shit rating on my gig.

Seeing as fiverr can’t help with diddly squat these days… and I already sent a ticket about the incident … That was instantly ignored and closed WITHOUT A WORD FROM THE AGENT…

I said ,“Screw it” … got a hold of the client … told him how stupid he was and what I was about to do …
Watched the client jump through all my hoops I laid out …
Client Realized his mistake…
Client Realized I’m not a pushover , scammer , lame-ass
Client asked me to actually do the video we talked about instead of being a twit about everything.
And now That $70 is in my pocket and another $100 on the way … actually more than that … he sent me 2 products.

To sum it up … his first review was 1 star because he ordered my skype consultation gig … didnt read the times that we were available … couldnt follow given directions … took a 2 weeks trip to china … forgot everything until fiverr automatically emailed him to leave a review on my gig … which he left a 1 star review.

So I sent a letter of “encouragement” to him. Letting them know how unhappy I was and what my “plans” were.
After all that , we actually setup an order…

Fast forward to later:
After he actually got the chance to work with me:
His 5 star review: “I have never done anything with Fiverr or with videostore before.It was such a pleasure dealing with him from creating the script and offering ideas to changes of the video we wanted .He was perfect and the end result was great .I am looking forward to our next few projects with him .I recommend him very highly.”

All in all , fiverr support is big fat bag of jokes.
They are not here to support you , they don’t care about your business on their platform.

They care about 1 thing… Money and how it makes it in their bank accounts.


My advice here: Take matters into your own hands or your business on fiverr will inevitably turn to crap because buyer’s just dont understand the system here and there is no way to avoid it without babysitting EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT YOUR FIVERR BUSINESS. … Or offer something that sells for $5 bucks all day long and requires no effort and has almost 0 potential to fail … Those gigs will get thousands of 5 star reviews… but they wont make the kind of money I pull in. – Fiverr doesnt care though… So game the system. Take the advice I got from everyone on most of these issues in the past … to sum it up … that advice was “Screw it.”

I’m a firm believer in “Screw it” … here on fiverr now.

And Ravenccs , you did fine if you are “embarassed but complying” … Thats all sellers here will ask.
Some of them are out to scam you , … well… many actually… after I tried to buy a simple gig here … I was lied to soo much… I can understand why people never use



You could try store envy or a personal seller site Fiverr is not the only site for selling.

I want to sue a buyer