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Dear Sellers, Please Stop

Dear Sellers,

Please stop listing low-ball prices that you have no intention of providing services for. That’s just a bait and switch. List your real prices or don’t list at all.


Can you please share your recent experience(s) that lead you to post this topic?
Usually, gig description says what the seller offers for that low price and usually Extras must be purchased to do additional work, however, if your recent seller is demanding extra money for a service that his gig’s descriptions offer for that low price, then you can discuss it with them, ask them why they doubled.


Seller offered 3 price points with clearly listed parameters. My request fit within those parameters AND I had the layout already drawn out. I expected to get a quote on the highest price point, but he came back at almost double his highest listed price. I make handmade things myself, so I get it, you aren’t giving your work away. But I don’t list a price on my item and then tell the buyer that it’ll be more for me to wrap it and put it in a shopping bag. Just list your real prices.

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I did not get the full image there, however, I see that you just opened your account (New buyer).
In Fiverr, there is an option for ‘Custom offer’. These custom offers are to be created when the service requested does not match with the gig’s packages. It can be higher or lower as the seller sees fit, and you can reject this offer.
E.g., my recent last 3 orders, are almost double my highest package price (their work is much more than what I offer in the premium package), and the customers happily paid and tipped.
Another example, I had a customer who wanted very basic job to be done, I sent an offer for half of my lowest package’s price and they accepted.
It really depends on what the seller sees and it is up to the buyer to agree or not.

Good luck.


Maybe the seller did not see that your request fit?
Or maybe there is a communication issue. I cannot tell.


Yes, I am new. I understand that add ons and custom requests would be more. My request fit the parameters of his listed price.

Also, isn’t this the rant section?

I appreciate your info.


Try to reason with the seller then.

Yes, so? :slightly_smiling_face:
I tried to explain how things are done on fiverr (even if you posted in the rant section).

You’re welcome.
Good luck.

It’d be interesting to know how did the seller justified the difference in price.


OK, we’re talking about that specific case (where the buyer sees his request fits the seller’s highest price.

To be honest, I don’t think you can really do much other than to move on to another seller. A seller can quote any price he/she wants — even if it is double the amount mentioned in their gig.

The seller might have quoted double the price for n number of reasons. I’m just speculating here, but it could be that the seller is busy working on other projects right now (I up my prices a little if I receive a custom order when I’m already working on several projects).

I don’t think the seller can be reported for that. To be honest, they can quote any price they want to. It is up to the buyer to either accept the offer or move on to another seller.


Right, very good point.
I also do that.

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Sure, but an explanation - even “I am too busy for you, so I will charge you more” - would be nice.

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Might be that OP wanted extra fast delivery?


There are actually a lot of sellers doing that. They put their prices quite low so when someone contacts them they are trying to hardball and put higher price.

Some time ago I needed a job done and I contacted 6 sellers (the request did fit perfectly in one of their price options, but I’m a seller myself so I prefer when people contact me before placing an order so I did the same)

After telling them my request and them confirming they can do it, I usually said “ok then I will proceed to this price option” and that’s where the fun starts: most of them was saying “no don’t place that order, it will be higher price for that. I know that’s the price on my profile but it’s actually not” and a lot of bla bla with excuses)


Interesting, that’s so unprofessional!
Well, at least they end up not getting the order I guess.


My gig is starting from $5, but there is a limit, you dont get commercial use, no high resolution, you will just get a basic thing, But there is an issue, buyers dont read anything before ordering, they just ordered and when you tell them what you will get in this package, they will surely cancel the order. i am just going through this thing.

Of course not :joy: only the 6th seller that I contacted provided what I needed and with the price stated in his package. So I can feel the pain from buyers side actually before they can find a good designer. Everyday I have someone contacting me and asking to fix what other designers did for them.

That happens to everyone, that happens to me as a seller, just this month I had 6 cancellations like that with people not reading the description and not willing to upgrade.
But it’s different from sellers saying on their gig something like “I will do one any mascot logo with jpg files for 5$” and when you contact them asking “hey can you make a Fox mascot logo for me?” They are saying that “oh but the fox mascot is too complicated it will be 20$ for that etc”
That’s where it becomes unprofessional
(All above is just an examples)


I am surprised sellers jack up the price when someone messages them because I sometimes lower the price. I might do that if someone seems very hard to communicate with but that rarely happens.


@jenedgerton - I’m pretty positive the profesional low ballers won’t be reading the forum. They never do.