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Dear will eliminate Pain , Lose weight and destress with Reflexology

Hello Dear
Reflexology is an ancient technique that offers countless benefits to the
over- worked and stressed people of the world. The technique is rooted in
the simplest idea of pressure and touch. In our world of separation, it’s rare that we ever reach out and touch each other. As a result, we are seeing the dying fruits of our lack of community in our significant influx of sickness,
illness, discomfort, and stress.
Foot reflexology brings deep relaxation and therapy to all the organs of
your body. Your foot, with all its intricate bones and sensors,
becomes a microcosm for the rest of your body. Find a direct link to
your head, your neck, your lungs—all the different centers and organs—in
order to derive comfort and wellness to these systems.
so you will over stress and tired and also you can lose weight
no limitation to use it
i will give you a guide to use Reflexology and you will know how to use it and also with pictures and i will give you two version files.